Price of carbon black and other rubber raw materia

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Price of carbon black and other rubber raw materials in North China market

(October 14, unit: yuan/ton)

product name specification model origin lowest price highest price

milling carbon black N220 Hebei Shahe 9000 9200

carbon black N330 Hebei Shahe 89009100

carbon black n660 Hebei Shahe 8800 9000

carbon black n to ensure the test accuracy of experimental force 550 Hebei Shahe 8800 9000

white carbon black Tonghua Shuanglong 9500 10000

white carbon black general Tonghua Shuanglong 8500 9000

white carbon black special Tonghua Shuanglong 11000 11500

Silica lion Tonghua Shuanglong 9000 10000

silica TB-2 Tonghua Shuanglong 7000 7200

silica TM Tonghua Shuanglong 8000 8200

silica TMG Tonghua Shuanglong 85 (2) Chain development initially constitutes 008900 plastic additives. The greening of synthetic raw material selection is an important part of its source treatment.

silica hydrophobic Tonghua Shuanglong 22000 22500

silica PE Tonghua Shuanglong 75008000

sulfur yellow powder 200 ~ 325 mesh 65007000

zinc oxide indirect method 99.7% 15000 15500

stearic acid import 9000 9500

stearic acid domestic 85008800

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