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Sichuan: new energy equipment industry in the 13th five year plan recently, the people's Government of Sichuan Province issued the development plan of strategic emerging industries in the 13th five year plan of Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The plan points out that Sichuan Province should give full play to its resources and industrial advantages, actively promote the industrialization of renewable energy technologies such as new solar photovoltaic and photothermal power generation, biomass gasification, biofuels, geothermal energy, as well as high-efficiency energy storage, distributed energy, smart electricity, micro electricity technology, focus on the development of nuclear power, solar energy, wind power and other new energy equipment, and create a leading new energy equipment industry in the West, Build Sichuan Province into an important national new energy industry base

in terms of nuclear power equipment that will launch new TPE products at present, the plan emphasizes that we should vigorously develop the research and equipment development of advanced nuclear intelligent photoelectric detection technology based on applications such as nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants. Efforts will be made to promote the development of independent main equipment such as AP1000 class hualong-1 and cap1400 of third-generation nuclear power, and strengthen the research and development of fourth-generation nuclear power systems such as supercritical pressurized water reactor. Support the R & D and design of small and micro nuclear power reactors and the development of key equipment, and actively participate in the construction of nuclear power standardization system. The independent industrialization system of nuclear fuel assemblies will be established around the research on the manufacturing technology of the third and fourth generation nuclear fuel elements. We will strengthen the development of nuclear grade and currently tampered data products that have affected more than 250 non nuclear grade pipes, pumps, valves, electrical equipment and other nuclear power supporting equipment industries. Build a complete industrial system of nuclear power design services, production of key modules and components, basic materials and energy production, and create a series of internationally renowned Sichuan nuclear energy equipment and nuclear technology application products. Carry out research on nuclear power safety technology and strengthen the capacity-building of nuclear waste recycling and safe disposal

in terms of solar energy equipment, the plan points out that with the research and development and industrialization of solar photovoltaic cells and components as the core, it will extend to supporting materials, key equipment and middle and downstream application products, and improve the whole industrial chain from high-purity silicon materials, polysilicon chips, solar cells and components to system integration, solar energy utilization equipment industry, and general contracting of power station projects. Encourage enterprises to increase the research and development of key technologies and new materials of crystalline silicon battery and module packaging process, improve the photoelectric conversion rate of battery and reduce production costs. Support the R & D and production of amorphous microcrystalline silicon thin film batteries, high-efficiency crystalline silicon batteries, cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film batteries, copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) thin film batteries, vanadium batteries and other products. Strengthen the R & D and production of photovoltaic system integration technology and controller, structural inverter of electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine and other related products, promote the R & D and production of solar photovoltaic components and integrated systems and pipe fittings, and promote the development of photovoltaic ultra white glass, backplane, solar cell packaging film (EVA), packaging materials, sealing materials and other supporting industries for solar cells. Accelerate the integration of solar photovoltaic (thermal) utilization and building, and develop solar photovoltaic power generation building integrated products. Promote the development and construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation system, and focus on the development of roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system mainly relying on industrial parks, economic development zones, public facilities, residential buildings, etc

in terms of wind power equipment, the plan emphasizes that we should make full use of large-scale wind power equipment enterprises and research centers, strengthen the research and development of wind power equipment, improve the development capacity of generators, gearboxes, blades, bearings, converters and other key components, strive to make new breakthroughs in wind power operation control, large-scale consolidation and energy storage technology, and build a complete set of wind power and ancillary equipment manufacturing, testing, training, parts supply A high-end wind power equipment manufacturing and service system integrating after-sales service and financing development. Encourage wind turbine enterprises to extend from single manufacturing to general contracting and wind power station development, and actively participate in large-scale project construction at home and abroad. Guide enterprises to actively participate in the development of wind power accessories, focusing on the development of key accessories such as control system, transformer, high-speed gearbox, engine room, wheel hub, chassis, spindle, slewing ring and blade, and improve the wind power industry chain. Accelerate the construction of a number of wind farms, and build a comprehensive demonstration project integrating the development and application of key wind power technologies and the development of wind farms

in terms of shale gas and coalbed methane equipment, the plan points out that we should speed up shale gas exploration and development, strengthen geological and gas reservoir engineering, horizontal well drilling technology, volume fracturing main technology, and encourage the research and development of 4500 meter shale gas drilling rig, 6000 type hydraulic fracturing truck, rotary guide device, perforation device, coiled tubing, plugging tools and other equipment suitable for the geological characteristics of Sichuan Province. Support a number of shale gas and coalbed methane production and equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and technical secondary schools to establish national and provincial key laboratories, engineering laboratories, technology centers, engineering research centers and other R & D platforms. Accelerate the formation of a full industrial chain of shale gas exploration and development upstream, comprehensive utilization downstream, supporting equipment manufacturing and oilfield services, and promote the coordinated development of shale gas exploration and development, comprehensive utilization, equipment manufacturing and oilfield services. We should speed up the pace of coal-bed methane exploration and development, actively explore low and easy, and then we can use the way of concentration gas utilization to improve the comprehensive utilization level of coal mine gas. Carry out research and development on key technologies for efficient and safe storage and transportation of coalbed methane

in terms of biomass energy technology research and development and equipment manufacturing, the plan points out that high-efficiency and low-cost biomass liquid fuel raw material treatment, preparation and comprehensive utilization of by-products should be carried out, and advanced technology development and production line construction of biomass liquid fuels such as biodiesel and bio aviation fuel should be promoted. Actively carry out research and development of key technologies and complete sets of equipment for biomass fuels

the plan also points out that the new energy industry will be taken as the core development industry, with Chengdu, Deyang, Panzhihua, Leshan and other places as the main body to form a core development zone, focusing on the development of solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy and other related new energy industry chains, and building an important national industrial base. Take Zigong, Luzhou, Liangshan and other places as the main body to form key expansion areas, rely on key industrial parks, focus on the development of solar cells and components, biomass energy utilization and equipment research and development, wind energy development and utilization and equipment manufacturing, shale gas exploration and development and nuclear power supporting equipment, and accelerate the construction of solar energy pilot demonstration projects

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