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New energy development should have the idea of "non electricity"

for a long time, the development of new energy such as wind energy and solar energy, which is mainly used for "power generation", seems to have become a mindset. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the development of new energy with the goal of "power generation" has faced prominent problems of bottlenecks along the way. Therefore, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, we might as well change our thinking to encourage the development of non electric new energy and the commercialization of new energy, rather than walking into traffic jams on the road of "power generation"

at present, the development and utilization of wind energy is mainly used for power generation. After the establishment of wind farms for power generation, it is consumed through and into the power system. At present, only the wind energy utilization mode used for power generation has formed an industry by using low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials. From onshore wind power development to offshore wind power development, it has become increasingly mature

similarly, in the development and utilization of solar energy, the photovoltaic power generation market has received great attention, while in contrast, solar thermal utilization products such as solar water heaters, which have a longer application history, are less important than photovoltaic power generation. In the utilization of biomass energy, the field of biomass power generation has also received preferential policies such as benchmark electricity price approved by the government

however, both wind power and solar power, after experiencing the rapid development during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", have encountered the bottleneck problem, especially wind power. Every winter, because residents need to ensure the stable output of the cogeneration plant for heating, a large number of unstable wind power is cut out, and clean wind power is wasted. This problem even leads to the embarrassment of the prospect of China's planned ten million kilowatt wind power base. Although the scale of solar power generation is still small at present, it is also greatly restricted by power enterprises in terms of access to electricity on the user side

whether it is biomass power generation or other distributed energy, the future industrialization development requires the corresponding cooperation of electricity in connection. However, there is a dislocation between the current power construction plan and the above new energy development plan. If new energy is to be "used for power generation" and incorporated into electricity, it seems that at present, we can only wait for the gradual improvement of power construction

in fact, it is almost impossible to slow down the development of new energy and wait for the improvement of electric facilities. Therefore, we might as well give full play to the advantages of new energy and develop and utilize new energy innovatively, rather than just "for power generation"

one idea is to diversify the use of new energy such as solar energy, which will become a popular product in the market in the next few years, such as wind energy, too safe and environmentally friendly plasticizers, heat stabilizers, adhesives, solvent-free inks/water-based inks, and encourage local consumption, or form products to connect directly with end consumers, so as to avoid the big bottleneck of electricity

for example, for solar energy development, solar thermal utilization is a good form of non electrochemical development. At present, it has a wide range of promotion and application in China. This method should be encouraged by policies and play a greater role. Now, in the "decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries" recently released by the State Council, it is mentioned that the promotion and application of solar thermal utilization technology should be accelerated, which means that diversified energy utilization methods are receiving policy attention

another idea is that the development and utilization of new energy such as wind energy and solar energy need not blindly pursue centralized and large-scale development, but should give full play to the advantages and characteristics of new energy and encourage decentralized development

for example, for biomass energy, its unique advantage is to replace rural energy demand, and its extensive distribution of raw materials also determines its suitable decentralized development and utilization mode. It is advisable to vigorously support non electric biomass utilization ways such as biomass fuel, bio oil and biochar, so as to avoid the embarrassment of new energy and traditional energy competing for electricity

it is not necessarily very efficient to convert any new energy into electric energy. In the process of converting aluminum Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. into electric energy by taking this opportunity, there will even be high energy consumption. Therefore, for new energy that can be directly converted into other forms of energy while scientific research institutions and enterprises contact Guoliang copper on cooperation matters, It is probably wise to avoid the congested road of "power generation"

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