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The new energy industry is the wind vane of China's industrial transformation and upgrading at present. Since last year, in the context of the global economic downturn, China's photovoltaic industry has been shrouded in the haze of the shrinkage of the European and American markets. This year, affected by the "double anti" investigation, many enterprises have been shut down and closed down. China's photovoltaic industry, once known for its "high input, high output and high profit", is facing difficulties

is it self rescue or government rescue? How to treat the government assistance? There are many discussions among insiders. Some people complain about the government's assistance to the photovoltaic industry. They believe that the government should not be too "caring" for the development of photovoltaic enterprises, and should let the market act in accordance with the law

however, the author believes that the photovoltaic industry is different from other industries. The government attaches so much importance to photovoltaic and other emerging energy industries, and its purpose is not just to obtain clean energy and improve security. To some extent, the new energy industry can be regarded as the wind vane of China's current industrial transformation and upgrading. Success or failure not only determines the energy industry, but also determines whether the entire industrial industry can change to an intensive and sustainable direction. In addition, the total output of cement in China has reached 2.184 billion tons. What is more important is that the new energy industry represented by solar energy is moving towards the era of a new economy characterized by "low carbon" (310358), and it is necessary to ensure the fixed leader of equipment. The change of energy production, transmission and consumption mode will directly lead to the change of the whole production mode, and finally open up new fields for rapid economic growth

since the industrial revolution, the economic reform around the mode of production has never stopped. Whether it is the leading, the second industrial revolution, or the third information revolution around the development and use of information technology, it has greatly improved economic development while changing the traditional mode of production. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to see that, against the background of the current world economic recession, Europe and the United States are still spending huge sums of money to vigorously support the photovoltaic industry. Last year, the total installed capacity of global photovoltaic industry dominated by Europe and the United States still increased by 20%. At the same time, we should also clearly realize that at present, China's photovoltaic industry is still heavily dependent on the European and American markets, and the whole industry is still in the middle and low end. Behind the European and American double anti-dumping, there is a suspicion that the bottom of the barrel will be drawn and China's photovoltaic industry will be destroyed

in recent years, the core technology of photovoltaic industry is insufficient, "two ends" are out, and it is heavily dependent on the international market, which can not be changed in the short term. This sudden "double rebellion" has put the unprepared photovoltaic industry in trouble as a whole

Therefore, the government should further increase support and reverse the passive situation: on the one hand, further promote the cultivation of downstream demand markets and optimize industrial layout, which is an emergency strategy; On the other hand, gradually promote the innovation of the whole photovoltaic industry system, including the competitive and orderly market mechanism, innovative core technology, well motivated business development model and supporting service management mechanism, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's solar photovoltaic industry

at present, except for a few enterprises such as Suntech and Savi, which are in financial difficulties, most domestic photovoltaic enterprises are more trapped in the shrinking external market, resulting in reduced orders, idle equipment and overstock of products. Therefore, as an emergency strategy, the government can establish a temporary photovoltaic material reserve emergency mechanism; Implement the installation of large-scale photovoltaic power stations in the central and western regions in advance; Continue to expand the implementation of projects similar to the "golden sun project"; Carry out the "photovoltaic to the countryside" activity, and promote the construction of solar water heaters, small-scale photovoltaic power stations, including very transparent clearlexanxhr2000 panels (when uncoated), clearlexanxhr2hc1 and lexanxhr2hc2 panels, and other new materials; In the medium and long term, accelerate the promotion of the urban roof photovoltaic transformation plan; Promote the promotion and construction of distributed small power stations in East China, South China and southwest China

enterprises as market players should speed up the transformation of internal core technology innovation under the guidance of the government, actively explore a good business development model, and shift from "focusing on scale and quantity" to "focusing on quality and improving efficiency". Enterprises with strong homogeneity and complementarity should speed up mergers and acquisitions and integration

in addition, as a supporting service, it should further speed up and generate electricity. At present, the lack of supporting smart electricity and the inconsistency of relevant standards are the main bottlenecks restricting the development of the whole downstream demand market for new energy

in the author's opinion, although the "double reverse" of photovoltaic in Europe and the United States has caused a great impact on domestic enterprises, it has also objectively accelerated the pace of domestic industrial transformation. After the pain of survival of the fittest, China's photovoltaic industry will become stronger

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