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On the morning of May 24, the signing ceremony of the new energy green photovoltaic glass project between Long'an district government and Anyang Yiyin Trading Co., Ltd. was held in the municipal Party and government complex. Municipal leaders Zhang Guangzhi, Peng Zhengan, Zhang manru, and Duan Yinlu, chairman of Anyang Yiyin Trading Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony while improving production efficiency

duanyinlu introduced the project. The new energy green photovoltaic glass project has a total investment of 650million yuan, covers an area of more than 230 mu, builds a standardized workshop of 53000 square meters, invests 250million yuan in the first phase, and builds five photovoltaic ultra white embossed glass deep-processing production lines, with an annual output of 20million square meters, an annual output value of 1.6 billion yuan, and an annual profit and tax of 120million yuan. The project started construction in June this year and is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of the year. The second phase of the project plans to invest 400million yuan to build photovoltaic calendered glass and AR glass production lines. After completion, the annual output of calendered glass will reach 360000 tons, the annual output of AR glass will reach 49 million square meters, the annual output value will reach 7 billion yuan to replace collection cards, and the profit and tax will be more than 300million yuan, which can solve the employment of at least 1100 people. After all of them are put into operation, the output can rank among the top 10 in the same industry in China and the first in the province. At present, the project construction funds have been in place and the project equipment has been booked

vice mayor zhangmanru delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. She said that the project signed today will play a positive role in promoting the construction of Anyang Industrial Agglomeration Area (Long'an area) and further expanding and strengthening the photovoltaic industry in our city. It is hoped that all departments at all levels will strengthen communication and coordination, strive to improve efficiency, form a working force, and jointly promote the early commencement and completion of the project. Due to the computer hard disk, the microcomputer controlled tension machine will take effect early

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