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The "going out" of new energy equipment takes on a new posture

". The construction of the 'the Belt and Road' has created superior development conditions for China's new energy transformation industry. Enterprises should actively seize this opportunity, strengthen the strategic and comprehensive development deployment of overseas markets, and actively plan to achieve 'going out'." On June 6, Zhang Shiguo, vice president and Secretary General of China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance, said in an interview with China Power News during the "2017 China International New Energy Expo"

China Power News: what opportunities has the construction of the "the Belt and Road" brought to the development of China's new energy industry

zhangshiguo: the development of new energy industry in any country is closely related to its national policies. From this perspective, the construction of the "the Belt and Road" has first built a communication platform for the international development of China's new energy industry. Driven by this platform, enterprises and overseas partners have more opportunities to implement and develop large-scale international new energy cooperation projects

the "the Belt and Road" cooperation mechanism also provides favorable conditions for China's new energy enterprises in terms of capital. In fact, the capital problem has always been the primary problem perplexing enterprises to "go global". In the past, China did not lack funds for the development of new energy industry, but "the cost of using funds is high". First, the fund approval and freight forwarding processes in all links are complicated, which virtually increases the use time of funds and labor costs. Second, China's financial institutions are still following the development model of "internal guarantee and external loan". This mode is subject to many limitations abroad, which increases the risk of overseas investment of enterprises. The construction of the "the Belt and Road" provides enterprises with a simpler and more professional platform for the use of funds through relevant supporting financial institutions such as the Asian investment bank, the Asian Development Bank and the China Latin America Fund, and relieves the financial pressure that restricts enterprises from "peacetime staff should often check whether there is any abnormality in equipment"

China Power News: in recent years, what achievements have China's new energy enterprises made in "going global"

zhangshiguo: closely following the pace of the construction of the "the Belt and Road", China's new energy enterprises have achieved a series of achievements in "going global", and their practice has even been at the forefront of the planning

these achievements include: first, the systematization of overseas cooperation is becoming increasingly prominent. New Energy Overseas R & D centers, overseas plants and overseas EPC projects are developing from point to area, and from national investment to regional layout. Second, great breakthroughs have been made in the investment of overseas power stations. For example, according to the prediction of smitherspira, a research organization, ZTE has an increasing impact on the investment of photovoltaic power stations in Pakistan, Brazil and other places. Third, significant progress has been made in overseas EPC. PowerChina, China Gezhouba and CMEC group have now established large-scale clean energy groups overseas and won a large number of overseas new energy EPC projects

at the same time, international mergers and acquisitions are moving towards systematization. Phased achievements have been made in integrating global resources in the domestic market, such as the acquisition of overseas power battery enterprises, integrating domestic resources in the overseas market, and driving domestic equipment exports in the EPC mode. For example, through a series of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, hanergy group has become the world's largest thin-film battery manufacturer. In addition, the design cooperation of overseas power stations has also achieved remarkable results. In fact, the overseas distributed, wind power and solar power station design business of PowerChina, local business bureau of China energy construction, design institute and other units has been systematized

moreover, the "going out" of technical equipment also presents a new posture - in recent years, China's three major power equipment groups have achieved good results by building overseas R & D centers and promoting the localization of overseas sales systems

China Power News: what are the remaining problems for China's new energy enterprises to connect with the "the Belt and Road" construction? 1. Is it difficult to achieve a stable supply of high-end products

zhangshiguo: the enterprise has deficiencies in cognitive concept and investment in this aspect. What is particularly important is that enterprises still lack comprehensive deployment for overseas resource investment in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". For example, the "going out" of equipment is still dominated by trade, and the development mode of "going out" of equipment driven by overseas investment has not yet taken shape. In fact, the development mode of "going out" of equipment driven by overseas project construction is the new strategic growth point

docking the construction of the "the Belt and Road" requires down-to-earth practice and clear and definite development strategic deployment every year. At the same time, enterprises should actively participate in the energy construction of the "the Belt and Road", strengthen the cooperation on key energy projects of the "the Belt and Road", and create a new situation of international cooperation to better "go global"

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