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Loading delta frequency converter pile driver Green Upgrade

in recent years, China has invested a lot in infrastructure construction, and thousands of miles of rivers and mountains have changed greatly. Among them, the role of pile driver is indispensable, whether it is viaduct, overpass, or river crossing bridge projects, are inseparable from it

most of the traditional pile drivers use the direct drive of the motor to measure and control the load, deformation and displacement, which has high accuracy and sensitivity. The dynamic reducer or gearbox directly drives the drill pipe and drill bit. However, this control method has many shortcomings: if the reducer is used, the drill bit has only one speed, and no matter what geological conditions, it can only pile at the same speed, which leads to low efficiency; Although the transmission can realize speed regulation through mechanical gear shifting, due to the difficulty and high cost of mechanical manufacturing, it usually has only three gears, which can only realize the switching of three speeds indicated by Tian Hongfu. The switching operation is troublesome, so the failure rate is high

recently, Zhongda Diantong, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group, the world's leading industrial automation brand, achieved a green upgrade for local customers in a nationally famous pile driver production base in Northeast China with a history of more than 40 years. This scheme adopts delta 37KW B series frequency converter, which drives two 15kw frequency converter motors to drive the drill pipe in the way of one driving two, and uses the multi-stage speed function of the frequency converter to set 8 speeds (up to 16 speeds can be set according to different requirements) to meet different speed requirements. Delta B series high-function sensorless vector control inverter has the characteristics of complete functions, high speed regulation accuracy, good stability and wide application range

the pile driver loaded with delta inverter has enough multi gear speeds to meet the needs of different conditions such as different diameter requirements, depths ranging from tens of meters to several ± 10% hundred meters, and different geological conditions. It can also have the characteristics of high speed regulation accuracy, good stability, simple operation and complete functions. At the same time, it greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the reducer, greatly improves the work efficiency, and reduces the wear of the machine, It extends the service life and is recognized by users

the construction of infrastructure is the cornerstone of national stability. With the rapid development of China's economy, higher requirements are put forward for the construction of urban infrastructure. In this new historical development stage, Delta Automation will also make full contributions to "environmental protection, modern concept car, give play to the advantages of plastic materials, save energy, love the earth" with industry customers

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