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The load hit a new high. Chengdu Electric man launched a cooling artifact to cool the transformer

Sichuan news (photographed by Zhong fan intern Chen Minhong) on August 15, Chengdu electric load hit a new high. When you say that your life is given by the air conditioner, but you don't know that the electric workers who prolong the life of the air conditioner in the hot summer are also struggling. In order to cool down the transformer, Chengdu Dianren came up with the idea of environmental protection fog gun machine. After their refitting, the environmental protection fog gun machine changed into a cooling artifact of the transformer, which is times more efficient than the traditional artificial auxiliary cooling system

in recent years, Chongzhou City, located in the west of Chengdu, has vigorously developed the intelligent manufacturing industry and introduced high-tech enterprises represented by Jabil technology. The local economy has grown rapidly, and the electricity consumption has been negative. 5. After being ready, the experimental load began to rise sharply. In the first half of this year, the power consumption of Chongzhou power supply company increased by 23.6% and the load increased by 24%. The electric pressure was very high. In summer, the power supply situation is particularly severe. How to effectively cool the transformer in the substation has become the most headache for the substation operation and maintenance personnel

as we all know, the transformer is the heart of the substation, and cooling measures need to be taken when it reaches more than 70 degrees. For example, this No. 1 main transformer carries the electricity of more than 10000 households and more than 500 enterprises. But when the temperature of the transformer reaches 95 ℃, it will be forced to cut off power. Sunchuan, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department of Chengdu Chongzhou power supply company, said that during the summer peak in 2017, the 110kV Minhe, Gaoqing and other substations of Chongzhou power supply company were under heavy load or even overloaded operation, and the oil temperature of the main transformer generally exceeded 80 ℃, of which the highest temperature of Yongkang and Gaoqing stations was about 90 ℃, and the highest temperature was close to 95 ℃. In the past, manual flushing and ice handling were used to cool the transformer, which consumed a lot of manpower and material resources. In July 2017, sun Chuan led the group to constantly consult the data and conduct on-site investigation, and finally took a fancy to the fog gun for environmental protection and dust suppression. They bought an environmental protection fog gun machine to check whether there was any scratch and refit it. Unexpectedly, this method worked wonders. In August 2017, the innovation team installed the equipment in place at the 110kV Gaoqing station, laid the water supply pipeline, and conducted a comparative test between No. 2 and No. 3 main transformers with the same operation. The results are surprising. The cooling effect of the device is excellent, and the continuous cooling effect is 6~8 ℃, so that the oil temperature always meets the requirements of the operation regulations under the heavy load of the main transformer

at the beginning of 2018, the six record high load made sun Chuan worry about how to pass the transformer in summer. The innovation team decided to upgrade the fog gun device to improve the cooling efficiency. After continuous improvement, the cooling device is gradually improved, and finally named as the movable transformer intelligent cooling system. This summer, the peak load time came as scheduled, and the cooling artifact was put to the test. The fog gun machine was the main body. By avoiding the cost being too high, the control system automatically completed the steps of pressurization, filtration, cooling, atomization and blowing, so as to achieve the role of auxiliary cooling. Taking Minhe substation as an example, only one substation operation and maintenance personnel needs to start the system, and the system can automatically spray cool down, reducing the oil temperature of the main transformer by more than 5 ℃ within one hour, which is times more efficient than the traditional manual auxiliary cooling system

as the temperature continues to rise, the power supply and power load in Chengdu are rising, and now it has entered a critical period of preparing for the summer peak. In January this year, the cumulative power supply of Chengdu Electric Power Co., Ltd. was 23.03852 billion kwh, an increase of 14.38% year-on-year. At present, Chengdu power has promoted the use of more than 30 sets of this cooling system, covering more than 120 substations, effectively improving the power supply capacity during heavy load, with less peripheral circuits. During the peak summer this year, the power supply and demand situation in Chengdu is generally stable

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