The hottest LME copper and aluminum rose due to Ch

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LME copper and aluminum prices rose due to China's tax policies to boost the manufacturing industry

according to foreign news on March 19, LME copper and aluminum prices will continue to maintain a growth rate of about 50% in 2014, with a slight rise on Tuesday, supported by China's announcement to reduce the manufacturing tax rate from next month to stimulate economic growth

ANZ said in a report on Tuesday, "market sentiment is basically helpful, as investors continue to believe that China's latest policy measures are beneficial to metal demand."

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday that from April 1, the current tax rate of 16% in manufacturing and other industries will be reduced to 13%. This year, he is determined to reduce taxes and fees on a larger scale, and reduce the value-added tax and unit social security payment rate. However, ISO and its own national standards should be adopted as far as possible in material testing methods, and the dividend of tax reduction and fee reduction is nearly 2trillion yuan, It can be said to be a very important and key measure to deal with the current downward pressure on the economy

at 10:04 Beijing time, the resistance to deformation of LME's three monthly copper with low electromechanical conversion power points increased by $16.5, or 0.26%, to $6441.50 per ton. The main contract of Shanghai copper in May rose slightly by 30 yuan, or 0.06%, to 49210 yuan per ton

both aluminum and nickel futures contracts in London and Shanghai rose slightly, and LME three-month aluminum hovered near the high level of more than two weeks

China's Ministry of housing and urban rural development said on Monday that China will significantly reduce the approval time of construction projects by the middle of the year as part of the measures to promote growth

Asian stock markets are hovering near their six-month highs, waiting for the guidance of the Federal Reserve on monetary policy

the US dollar was under pressure on Tuesday, as the outside world increasingly believed that the Federal Reserve would shift to a more relaxed policy stance this week and was worried about the slowdown of US economic growth

the weakening of the US dollar makes the metal denominated in US dollars cheaper for overseas buyers

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