The hottest Lobo group company set off a 100 day c

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In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of employees and ensure the smooth realization of the group's annual policies and objectives, Lobo group has carried out 100 days of hard work throughout the company, but it has stronger endurance and higher release efficiency than the latter. All subsidiaries responded positively, took effective measures one after another, and set off a boom of 100 day labor competition, which was different from the common overall corrosion degradation and achieved obvious results

the joint stock company issued the implementation plan of 100 day labor competition activities, and put forward reward measures, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees in production. In October, the joint-stock company completed the production of float glass to the best level this year

employees of Xinjingrun company have come up with ideas and ways to improve production. In October, Xinjingrun completed Low-E glass production, an increase of 11.56% compared with the same period last year

glass fiber companies pay close attention to product production and quality. They include the evaluation results of labor competition into the KPI assessment of each unit, and reward those who complete or overfulfil the task. The post workers overfulfilled the output and quality, which was fulfilled in the same month, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees. In October, the glass fiber yarn was increased by 10% year on year, and the glass fiber cloth was increased by 5% year on year

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