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for those who want to camp and boating on the lake during a holiday, their wishes can be realized at the same time. Because the amphibious Trailer named Sealander designed by German designers can travel on land and cross the water freely

this 13000 pound ($20400) mobile leisure house is designed by German industrial designer Daniel Straub. It has two functions: electric boat and camping trailer. Improved friction consumption he spent two years designing, manufacturing and testing this amphibious vehicle so that it can be mass produced and sold. Sealander's interior has finally reached its design goal. There are two benches, which can be used as beds. Sealander also has cooking, cleaning and inspection methods, which refer to the standard inspection methods and technical specifications used by the laboratory to carry out the inspection and testing work, meal and sleep equipment, and can walk freely on the water

its designer said: "This expands the possibilities of camping and leisure. People who travel with our floating trailer can play on land and water at will. It seems to meet the infinite possibilities in the process of travel. You can use it for camping at night, sunbathing, boating on the lake, or fishing during the day. If the campsite is too crowded, you can also fix it and let it float on the water. I think Sealander can meet everyone's dissatisfaction." Same wish. "

so far, Sealander can only be used in shallow water, but Daniel is considering building a floating trailer that can enter deep water and even the ocean. His current design has a double-layer hull, which means that if there is a leak, only the bottom layer will be flooded, and it can still remain afloat. Daniel said: "The shell of this trailer is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and connected with a waterproof base. Therefore, Sealander can detect the life of the rubber parts of locomotive and vehicle. It can travel on land like a trailer, but when necessary, it can also enter the water and float on the water like a boat. After entering the water, it is powered by an electric motor. I hope to develop a larger floating Trailer in the future, which can enter the water." Into other water bodies. "

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