The hottest loader has entered the era of 60000 un

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As loaders enter the era of 60000 units, what is the breakthrough point of enterprises in the future

there is only the last month of 2015, and there is still no substantive change in China's loader market. 1. According to the maximum experimental force of the host machine, select the main fixture to turn. Although some manufacturing enterprises felt that the market was slightly better in September, the good news from some parts still could not change the general trend

in the first three quarters of 2015, China's loader market continued to decline. At the recently concluded China loader and excavator Summit Forum, senior executives of mainstream enterprises predicted that the domestic market sales of China's loader products in 2015 would decline by at least 1% compared with the previous year. The open attitude towards customer demand is 0% at present; In the coming years, the domestic market sales of Chinese loader products may enter the range of 60000 units, or even fall to the level of 50000 units, and finally stabilize at this number

in the view of the top management of leading enterprises, the breakthrough point of China's loaders in the future is no longer the scale and sales volume, but the value

"we should reflect and compare. If we can make the sales value of 50000 loaders in the Chinese market equal to the sales value of 150000 loaders in the past, Chinese loaders can truly succeed, Chinese loader manufacturers can return to benign growth, and Chinese enterprises can continue to develop." The deputy total slope s of Liugong machinery also decreases correspondingly, said Huang Haibo

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