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On January 7, Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that Qingdao rail transit projects, which have been brewing for nearly 20 years, have finally come to fruition: the project of Qingdao to build an 87 km urban subway by 2020 has entered the approval process and started construction this year

according to the Qingdao rail transit line planning and the latest line selection scheme, the urban rail transit line in Qingdao consists of 8 lines, with a total length of 231.5 km; Four subways with a total length of 287.9 km will be built between the cities

according to the investment office of Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Qingdao plans to build 87km urban rail in three phases before 2020. According to a person in charge of the office, the first phase of the project is 27.9 kilometers long, with an investment of 15billion yuan. It was completed and put into use in 2014. Phase II project is 26.8km long with an investment of 14.15 billion yuan. It is planned to start in 2013 and be completed in 2017. The third phase of the project is 32.3km long. It extends the subway to Liuting International Airport, with an investment of 15.35 billion yuan. It was started in 2016 and completed in 2020. After the completion of phase III project, the daily passenger flow of Qingdao urban rail will reach 1.22 million

according to the preliminary calculation of Qingdao, 87km of urban rail will be built. The Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization: the total investment of 44.55 billion yuan to comprehensively promote the green development of industry by deeply implementing the green manufacturing project. According to the investment and financing plan of urban rail transit formulated by Qingdao Municipal Transportation Commission and the effective spacing head of experimental machines, the investment and financing mode of phase I project is proposed to adopt the mode of government invested capital + bank loan

it is learned that, as one of the conditions for the approval of the project, 45% of the 87km urban rail project declared by Qingdao needs to be "led by the government" to raise project capital

at present, the project capital has been basically determined as a tripartite Investor: led by Qingdao municipal government - invested by Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau every year; The municipal government under its jurisdiction is responsible - it can make financial contributions or convert the demolition costs into capital; The metallographic microscope systems of our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. are all invested by the three major government investment companies with installation and operation steps

the person in charge of the investment office of Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission told this newspaper that the specific contribution ratio has not been finalized

the financing platform for Qingdao rail transit construction is the wholly state-owned Qingdao Metro Company

it is also reported that Qingdao will draw on the construction experience of Hong Kong Metro in combining the development of Metro and real estate by taking advantage of the appreciation advantage of real estate along the line. Several pieces of land with appreciation potential will be designated along the urban rail line. Qingdao Municipal Finance will set up a special account for rail transit construction projects, and all the land realization income within the planned control area along the line will be included in the special account management, The realized net land income is specially used for capital investment and debt repayment of rail transit projects

at the promotion conference of key enterprises (projects) organized by Qingdao in november2008, the financing amount of 16 transport infrastructure projects highlighted by Qingdao reached 80billion. This discovery encouraged Thomas Swan to carry out further research, including the financing amount of urban rail transit, which was 27billion, and was listed as the key credit support project of Qingdao in 2009

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