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United States: the rising cost of aluminum production will curb the demand of aluminum flexible packaging market

in the United States, the volume of flexible packaging wholesale market including aluminum packaging is expected to reach US $26.5 billion in 2010. Raw aluminum production does require a lot of energy. With the rising cost of raw materials and electricity, manufacturers are also looking for new market areas to create economies of scale by increasing production capacity and upgrading equipment

the rise of imports, the rise of crude oil prices and the volatility of aluminum prices have made American experts panic and worried that the benign development of the market will be hampered. The rising oil cost forces the production of small panel control system to make equipment operate efficiently. While manufacturers are committed to the field of technological innovation to stimulate market interest, they also focus on other raw materials. The change of the main structure of consumers has led to many challenges: the number of professional women has soared, the emergence of single parent families can change their oil properly, and the "baby boomers" who are concerned about their own health and are aging day by day, their demand for comfortable and comfortable life is also increasing day by day. Although the flexible packaging industry is pregnant with many development opportunities, the soaring cost has curbed the market demand. In the process of complete reversibility, the purchase cost of plastics, paper and aluminum materials is rising all the way, and it is unable to put the relevant inventions and creations of flexible products into practice for the benefit of people

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