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Urumqi paper mill, founded in 1958, is the earliest machine-made paper manufacturer in Xinjiang and a state-owned backbone enterprise in the paper industry in the autonomous region. The total assets are 30million yuan and there are 300 on-the-job employees. The annual output of household paper, steel paper base paper and carton board is 8000 tons. Covering an area of 128000 square meters, it now has a 30 ton boiler room, 1630 KVA power transformation and distribution capacity, and 80000 square meters of open space can be used for expansion and transformation. The first step is to recruit and cooperate

I. The project with an annual output of 20000 tons of high-grade bleached cotton pulp board

the project takes full advantage of the rich cotton lint resources in Xinjiang, and plans to introduce advanced French technology and equipment to produce high-grade bleached cotton pulp board for banknote paper, securities paper, special anti-counterfeiting paper and other high-grade papers. Most of the products are exported abroad. The project has been included in the national Spark plan and the National Central and western advantage project plan. The feasibility study report prepared by China Light Industry Beijing Design Institute has been jointly approved by the Planning Commission, the science and Technology Commission and the Department of light industry of the autonomous region. The environmental impact assessment has been approved by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the autonomous region and passed the economic assessment organized by the industrial and Commercial Bank of the autonomous region

total investment of the project 2 In the future, China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States may compete for the top five, with a total of 200million yuan, including 190million yuan of fixed asset investment, 11million dollars of foreign technology and equipment, 30million yuan of working capital, 28.86% of investment profit rate, 27.72% of internal rate of return, 5.2 years of investment payback period (including two-year construction period), and 25million dollars of investment attraction first

II. 5000t/a coated white paperboard base paperboard project

the project makes full use of Urumqi's waste carton resources to match some imported wood pulp to produce base paper for coated white paperboard and give full play to the existing capacity of coated white paperboard. Coated white paperboard is mainly used for high-grade packaging cartons and cartons. The market demand continues to increase with good economic benefits

the total investment of the project is 40million yuan, with a payback period of 3 years. Now it needs to attract 36million yuan, and the partners can also use equipment

III. The project with an annual output of 5000 tons of high-grade toilet paper

the project makes full use of the leftovers from printing plants in Urumqi, urban waste books and newspapers, and some imported bleached wood pulp to produce a series of high-grade bleached toilet paper products for people's daily life. It is proposed to introduce 5. In a horizontal environment without impact and vibration; With advanced technology and equipment imported from abroad, the products have large market demand, broad prospects and good economic benefits

the total investment of the project is 60million yuan, with the introduction of foreign technology and equipment of 5million dollars, and the proposed capital of 56million yuan. The above project has an investment of 320million yuan and plans to introduce 280million yuan (about 34million US dollars), including 16million US dollars of foreign equipment. Domestic and foreign listed companies, paper groups and investment companies are welcome to cooperate in various ways such as capital, technology, management and equipment, and powerful enterprises are welcome to acquire, merge, restructure and restructure as a whole. The above projects are all good projects to transform Xinjiang's resource advantages into industrial advantages, and then into economic advantages. It is in line with the national industrial policy, the development strategy of the autonomous region and the actual situation of enterprises. Interested parties at home and abroad are welcome to take the great western development as an opportunity to send letters and telegrams to negotiate for common development

IV. property right transaction

according to the spirit of Urumqi dangfa [2000] No. 13 document, the state-owned bentler Sigri company has implemented a comprehensive restructuring of small enterprises with an annual output of 100000 ~ 150000 parts. Urumqi paper mill plans to attract investment in an all-round way. The enterprise covers an area of 128000 square meters, with 80000 square meters of open space, three supplies and one leveling. Now it wants to seek partners for continuous development, real estate, warehousing, processing industry, etc

environmental function: it is located at the junction of urban and rural areas, 4km away from the Liudaowan checkpoint, surrounded by Urumqi chemical switch plant, weihuliang power plant, the Second Affiliated Hospital of new medicine, middle schools, primary schools, shops, markets, and several nearby brick factories. Shuimo River flows in front of the plant, and the road passes through the plant. It connects Wuqi road in the north, Karamay East Road in the south, and weihuliang coal mine railway line passes behind the plant. No. 5 No. 33 bus passes in front of the door, surrounded by farmland, vegetable fields and green shade. It is an ideal land for residence, storage and processing industry

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