Collar embroidery European style light luxury wind

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Collar embroidery, with more emphasis on attitude and products, respects and pays tribute to your taste of life, and has always adhered to quality and service to bring you high-end quality experience

whether it is the luxury of embroidery

or the calm of plain color

the birth of a high-quality wall cloth

must be through many precise processes

the fine check of workmanship has a great impact on the quality of finished products

collar embroidery, More emphasis on using attitude and products

respect and pay tribute to your taste of life

and always adhere to quality and service

bring you the experience of high-end quality

real scene offer: Henan Yanshi Lingxiu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

store address: Lingxiu store in Hongxing Meijia building materials square, yanhuakou, Yanshi City (later moved to the downstairs of the South Gate of Shengshi Mingyuan, Yanshi City)

Lingxiu embroidery wall cloth inherits the skills of Suzhou embroidery, The product itself has the characteristics of exquisite and luxurious hand embroidery. The collar embroidery wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in the pattern design, and integrates with the exquisite embroidery to better show the unique dignity and luxury of the royal family. The British royal style characterized by natural, elegant, implicit and noble adds artistic luster to the traditional oriental embroidery

(source: collar embroidery wall cloth)





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