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On November 6, the national tour exhibition of new products of Hanma and xingkaima series came to Fuyang, Anhui Province. More than 350 users from Fuyang district gathered at Howard Johnson Hotel in Fuyang to experience the advanced technology and technology of new products of Hanma and xingkaima series

liuhanru, chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech. Xueyongchang, assistant general manager of the group company, delivered a welcome speech. The meeting was presided over by Gao Qi, deputy general manager of Valin Marketing Department of the Group Marketing Branch. Xia Hong, marketing director of the group company, and Liao Lanfeng, deputy general manager of Xingma Marketing Department of the marketing branch of the group company attended the meeting

new models of Hanma and xingkaima series appear in Fuyang and are popular

new models of Hanma and xingkaima series appear in Fuyang and are popular

Fuyang is the city with the largest population in Anhui and the most famous truck city in China, with the largest demand. Chairman Liu Hanru pointed out in his speech that the focus of this meeting is communication, so that friends in Fuyang can have a deeper understanding of our enterprise, products and technology. Our company started as a special-purpose vehicle, and the mixer is the gold signboard of our company, which has a far-reaching impact across the country. In the later stage, due to the limitation of the chassis, we cooperated with Mitsubishi of Japan with a technology introduction agreement, realizing a historic leap from special-purpose vehicle refitting to heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing, and promoting the progress of the industry. With the upgrading of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, as customers' requirements for products become higher and higher, the original platform is difficult to meet the needs of the market, so after several years of lising can display and test temperature graph, we have successfully developed our own core parts and components products, which have been well matched to ensure the high reliability, high safety, fuel conservation and environmental protection of our Valin star carriage, so I am proud, I am proud. In the development process of Valin Xingma, we have made today's achievements because of the support and trust of our customers in Fuyang. In order to repay the love of customers in this province, Valin Xingma will provide Fuyang customers with a series of preferential policies for new products to serve Anhui customers and Anhui's economic construction

Chairman Liu Hanru also focused on introducing Hanma power to customers. He said that this time, we have brought the world-class and domestic most advanced heavy-duty engine product - Hanma power, which is benchmarked to the world's top engine. It can be said that European quality and Chinese price. We not only bring high-quality products to Fuyang customers, but also bring better financial policies to give back to customers. We want to help Fuyang's customers to get out of Fuyang and create their own value. He also pointed out that the best service is not to serve, be anxious about the needs of users, think about the needs of users, and strive to achieve the lowest failure rate of Valin star carriage

at the symposium, Ma Xiaodong, general manager of Funan Tianhe logistics company, general manager of Hengchang concrete company, Zhao Diankui, general manager of Hengchang concrete company, and Wang Jinwei, customer of Valin automobile, delivered speeches on the stage respectively. Maxiaodong from Funan Tianhe logistics said that our company signed a cooperation agreement with Fuyang Huayu company last May. In this year, our company has sold more than 80 Valin Xingma cars. Through cooperation and understanding, we deeply feel the characteristics of Valin Xingma products, such as reliable quality, high safety and obvious fuel saving effect, which also confirms my determination to follow Valin Xingma. Valingxing Malay self-examination Ma'anshan, density increased to 1.6 ⑴ 9g/cm is an out and out local enterprise. I hope you will strongly support Valin Xingma and local enterprises

zhaodiankui, general manager of Hengchang concrete company, also said: "The concrete transported by Valin Xingma mixer has never been separated. The uniformity of concrete is very good, the residual rate is very low, and the mixing tank of Valin Xingma mixer is very easy to clean. With good concrete quality assurance, it also improves the reputation and corporate image of our mixing plant, so there are more and more customers, and there are also a steady stream of orders. Compared with other vehicles, Valin Xingma mixer is more and more expensive every month It can save about 3000 yuan in oil costs. Drivers are reluctant to drive cars of other brands after driving, because Valin Xingma mixer will not feel too tired after a day's driving. It is very comfortable and very relaxed, which greatly improves the safety of driving. Later, the board of directors of our station decided that if we bought another mixer, we would only choose Valin Xingma. Therefore, since 2013, we have purchased two more batches of Valin Xingma mixer trucks for use. Thank the manufacturer of Valin Xingma for producing such good products for our users. "

"I'm an old customer of Valin. I bought a white Valin heavy truck when I started operating Valin in Fuyang Huayu in 2007. So far, my car has run more than 800000 kilometers, and all aspects of the performance of the vehicle are still very good. Therefore, last year, I bought a xingkaima tractor equipped with 430 horsepower of Hanma power. Through more than a year of use, the performance of this car has made me more convinced of the excellent quality of Valin. I From Hangzhou to Guangzhou, the car oil of other brands is more than 8000 yuan, while my car uses less than 7800 yuan, which can save tens of thousands of yuan a year. Secondly, Hanma power assembles the in cylinder brake mechanism, which not only saves me the cost of assembling the water tank. I decided to order another xingkaima equipped with Hanma engine. If I want to change cars in the future, it must be Valin or Hanma power. I believe in Valin heavy truck and the brand of Valin Xingma. " Wang Jinwei, a customer of Valin automobile, truthfully said that in addition to adjusting according to the usual practice

at this symposium, a grand customer delivery ceremony was also carefully prepared. In the warm applause, Xia Hong, the group's marketing director, handed over the "golden key" to ten customers in turn

after the symposium, the customer representatives attending the meeting flocked to the exhibition area to see the style of new products developed and operated by Hanma and xingkaima, with a total area of more than 8000m2, which are expected to be officially put into operation in 2018. According to the questions raised by many customer representatives, the accompanying technical experts gave answers on the spot, and many customers showed strong interest in buying

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