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Analysis of the development trend of future packaging design

let's start with a bottle of lotion. The bottle containing lotion can be made of many different materials - glass, plastic, hose, metal. When lotion is put into bottles of different materials, consumers do not know whether there will be chemical changes between lotion and din16749, the German national standard for packaging materials, which sets the corresponding mold manufacturing tolerance for plastic parts tolerance, or what ingredients harmful to the skin will be dissolved. The container of maintenance products is closely related to quality, hygiene, access and preservation. For consumers, in addition to appreciating the aesthetics and creativity of the brand, they also need to know how to choose the most suitable packaging materials to ensure the quality of skin care products, and also learn how to use and preserve them, so that skin care products rubbed on their faces can have no worries. Now let's lead readers to unlock the secrets of skin care product packaging one by one

which packaging material is the safest

from the perspective of marketing, the cosmetics industry has long known the various mindsets of consumers and how to cater to various consumer preferences. Therefore, you don't have to think that others are fools, but you are smart

at first glance, the packaging materials of maintenance products on the market are diverse. Excluding paper materials, the containers containing maintenance products are mainly plastic, glass and metal. Have you ever thought about which one is used most? Which is the most suitable and stable

plastic is used most, with a proportion as high as 80%; Glass takes the second place, accounting for only 8%. And using more does not mean that plastic is more material yield strength. How much do you know? Suitable for filling maintenance products. The main reason is the high variability of plastic, which can be achieved in all sizes, shapes, colors, transparent and opaque. Light weight, easy transportation, good printability and recyclability are all the reasons why plastic bottles are preferred. The fates of plastics are heat resistance, insufficient light barrier and poor solvent resistance (especially grease). Therefore, the first bottleneck of plastic bottles is that they cannot be sterilized by high-temperature steam, washed with water and sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of the contents, some maintenance items are not suitable to be packed in plastic containers

compared with plastic, glass is absolutely superior in heat resistance, light resistance and solvent resistance. Therefore, unless it is low-quality glass, the most suitable home for maintenance products is the glass bottle

metal materials are subject to many restrictions on the molding style. The containers are mainly cylinders (essential oil bottles) and wide mouth bottles (lipstick). The maintenance products filled are mostly pure ointment, which are mostly used as bottle caps, bottle caps and other accessories

how to keep containers of different shapes fresh

☆ the general principle for the use of maintenance products is that hands do not directly contact with the maintenance products at the mouth and in the bottle. Therefore, the face cream bottle should be dug as far as possible, and the lotion bottle and cosmetic water bottle can be dumped to maintain zero pollution

☆ for the maintenance products with indenter design (pump), because of their relative consistency, they are not too refluxed, and it is best to connect them with finger pulp. If it is not used for a long time, wipe it with alcohol cotton and save it

☆ products designed with dropper belong to the packaging that is most prone to secondary pollution. Every time it is used, the inner material is forced to contact air pollution once. However, the cost of this kind of packaging is far lower than that of the indenter, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the packaging is better than that of the indenter. Therefore, even if the brand knows that this is the worst, there are still many goods. This avoids the groove hole design to reduce the fusion wiring problem of the product appearance

☆ in addition to the dropper design, the wide mouth cream bottle is also a package with a large area exposed to the air; The maintenance products packed in plastic hoses are also in danger of being brought into the air to accelerate oxidation and deterioration every time they are used. And all maintenance products that are easy to eat and exposed to the air in a large area should be used as soon as possible after being opened. Such packaged products cannot be used up for reuse in the next year (they are probably oxidized, deteriorated and tasted)

container color inside Qiankun

the outerwear of the skin care product packaging is various and creative, but the lining (especially the plastic frost bottle) in contact with the skin care product is pure white. The main reason is that it is easy to observe the changes of the properties of the care products, and the second is that the dye in the plastic can be prevented from dissolving out and polluting the products

when the skin care products are sour, easy to oxidize, composed of pure oil wax or solvents (such as essential oil, alcohol, makeup remover), if they are non glass bottles, it is better to use non stained plastic bottles to avoid the risk of color dissolving into the products

as for glass bottles that are in direct contact with the inner material, the darker the color, the better the freshness preservation of the inner material. For people who are not used to storing maintenance products in drawers and cabinets after each use, dark bottles are a good choice

of course, the more highly active care products, such as those with antioxidant, anti-aging and whitening effects, the light blocking effect of the bottle must be sufficient to maintain its value

but don't be fooled by the color of the glass bottle! There are many components that are easy to oxidize and die of light, such as vitamin C, green tea, white tea and polyphenols. The color will deepen day by day after leaving the factory. Of course, brands know how to hide their clumsiness by using the color of containers. When you encounter maintenance products with this ingredient, you should be smart and try to choose ones with a recent production date

the future trend of packaging design

talk about the packaging of maintenance products so thoroughly that it has no thermal stability. I hope to lead readers to easily look at the appearance of maintenance products and seriously look at the interior of maintenance products. Excessive criticism of gorgeous packaging, thinking that these are all marketing tricks, will be mistaken for a return to basics packaging is a good packaging. Only when the weight is appropriate, is the smartest consumer

but let's look at the future packaging design trend easily. It will be a stage to emphasize green and environmental protection, and lead the trend of packaging materials with the concept of loving the environment, loving the earth and recycling. But please don't forget! This is just a coat

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