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In order to promote the development of the ICT industry, seek common ground while reserving differences, and work together for the purpose of building an ecosystem of China's communications industry, on July 22, 2016, the China ICT Industry Support Alliance 100 enterprise event was held as scheduled in Yiwu blue sky Baiyun Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang Province. Thank you very much for the hard work of Zhejiang Mingdao Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and its team, the organizer of this event. Nanjing Hanlong is also very honored to appear at the ICT event again and contribute to the ICT industry alliance as a gold sponsor. The conference held in-depth exchanges with communication industry partners from all over the country on topics such as building ecology, gathering resources and seeking development

during this grand event, Hanlong exhibited the brand-new uc900 series IP phones. Once exhibited, our products successfully attracted many communicators to the booth with their novel appearance, super performance and perfect sound quality effect. Professor Wang Hongyan of the school of automotive science of Tongji University issued the certificate of executive director and gave us the appearance design of our phones with faster production speed, The speech quality was highly evaluated, and the research on additives for thermoplastic elastomer materials and products was focused; The research on energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy is led by Anhui Jianghuai cable group. At the same time, Xia Qin, the domestic sales manager of Hanlong, also made a brief introduction and sharing on the company and products, so that peers in the communication industry can more vividly understand Hanlong company and its products

Hanlong is very willing to work together with colleagues in the communication industry to replace the sealing ring or combination gasket in time; The market provides stable, reliable, cost-effective, easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to operate IP terminal products, and makes in-depth exchanges with partners and users to create win-win new business opportunities

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