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Hantai tire will become the original tire supplier of Scania heavy truck and bus.

recently, the world-renowned tire manufacturer Hantai tire announced that it will become the original tire supplier of Scania's many heavy trucks and buses from November this year. Scania, headquartered in southern Thalia, Sweden, is part of the Volkswagen Group. At the same time, Volkswagen Group is also one of the largest original supporting tire customers of Hantai tire in the world

the cooperation between Hantai tire and Scania's original supporting tire business will focus on the European market. At the initial stage of cooperation, the tire specifications cover 18 specifications within the range of 22.5 inches. In the field of heavy commercial vehicles, Hantai tire will also greatly increase its export share to man truck and bus company to emerging countries since 2014, and supply a variety of tires. The supply of original matching tires for Scania is the second cooperation between Hantai tire and Volkswagen Group in this field, and marks that Hantai tire has completed all its original matching layout in the Volkswagen commercial vehicle sector

peihaolie, chief operating officer of Hantai tire European business department, said: "Because the e-cube max, smartflex and smartwork series tires can meet the strict standards of Qu Jinping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering of Scania engineering and a professor of South China University of technology, who believes that China's high molecular material industry is large but not strong in terms of technology in terms of performance, efficiency and sustainability, supplying Scania with original matching tires proves the excellent quality of our products."

this cooperation plan provides the original tires for all heavy truck and bus series produced by Scania in Europe. These include the e-cube max series for international calls, which are permanent laws, and the new smartflex four season tire series that is flexible for long-distance and transportation. In addition, smartwork series tires for construction sites and off-road will be added from 2017. Environmental protection characteristics and service life are an important part of the total cost of the original supporting tire business of commercial vehicles. The tread specially designed for steering and drive axle is suitable for vehicles with Euro 6 emission level, and has excellent performance in environmental protection and durability

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