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Hanzhong tight closed AC motor y5004

Hanzhong tight closed AC motor Y 560kw

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Hanzhong tight closed AC motor Y 560kw

Introduction to Xima motor: Xima motor, formerly known as Xi'an motor factory, was founded in 1955, has a history of producing and selling motors for more than 50 years, and is one of the main pillar manufacturers of China's motor industry. The registered capital of the company is 165million yuan. The company has 17 departments, 3 motor manufacturers, 4 production preparation and auxiliary branches, and 1 remanufacturing branch, with more than 1900 employees. Ylkk/630kw/10000v/ip54/50hz/imb5/s1 vertical three-phase asynchronous high-voltage motor has more than 500 engineering and technical personnel in motor R & D, manufacturing, testing and other fields, including 21 senior engineers, 150 engineers, 15 master's students and 15 provincial, municipal and bureau management experts. The business scope covers motor, electrical, fan R & D and manufacturing, repair, casting, mold manufacturing, culture, transportation, real estate development, commerce, electrical control, property management, logistics and many other fields

the above figure shows the Y 560kw display of Hanzhong tight closed AC motor

I. Y Series 6kV high voltage motor Hanzhong tight closed AC motor Y 560kw overview

y series 6kV high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is cage rotor asynchronous motor. The protection grade of the motor is IP23 and the cooling method is ic01. Beijing y/1430/500kw/10000v/ip23 Taifu Xima brand AC motor

this series of motors have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. Ylkk/200kw/10kv/ip54/50hz/imb5/s1 high voltage motor

this series of motors can be used to drive various machines. Such as ventilator, compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine tool and other equipment, and can be used as prime mover in coal mine, machinery industry, power plant and various industrial and mining enterprises

the structure and installation type of this series of motors are IMB3. The quota is a continuous quota based on the continuous working system (S1). The rated frequency of the motor is 50Hz and the rated voltage is 6kV. Other voltage levels or special requirements can be negotiated with the user when ordering

II. Y Series 6kV high voltage motor Hanzhong tight type totally enclosed AC motor Y 560kw model meaning

y3551 4:y refers to cage rotor asynchronous motor; 3551 indicates that the center of the base is 355mm high and the No. 1 core is long; 4 indicates the number of poles

y series 6kV high voltage motors generally speaking, the minimum load problem is not noticed in the bearing selection. Here, Xima motor maintenance department will briefly introduce the minimum load problem of motor bearings. Because the user did not consider the minimum load when selecting the bearing, most of the bearings can meet the requirements, but in fact, the minimum load of both ball bearings and column bearings should be met, otherwise their service life and performance will be affected to a certain extent. When the high-voltage motor is running at high speed, the inertia of the ball or roller and its lubricant will have a bad impact on the rolling condition of the bearing. The sliding movement between the ball and the roller may produce a destructive effect, which is most likely to occur under light load. Ordering instructions

(the user must indicate the following requirements when ordering) motor model (y), rated power (220kw), rated voltage (6000V), rated frequency (50Hz), synchronous speed (1500r/min), installation method (1mb3), protection grade (1P23), cooling method (ic01), insulation grade (f), environmental conditions (the fixture on the sea experiment machine should be able to immediately align into a line, pull out 1000m, and the ambient temperature is 40 ℃)

note: it is forbidden to drive 2 and 4-pole motors with belt pulley; If users need to drive with belt pulley for other poles, they should negotiate with the manufacturer in advance

after sales commitment of Xima motor

always adhere to the business principle of market first and user first. Yrsk 710kw/yrsk 710KW (IP55 IP54 protection grade) (NSK Bearings can be equipped), 11 sales regions and 35 offices are set up in 31 provinces and cities across the country, and a 24-hour duty system is implemented. We promise that if the product has quality problems in the process of use, we will arrive at the site within 24 hours within 500 kilometers, within 500 to 1000 kilometers, within 48 hours, more than 1000 kilometers, and within 56 hours after receiving the user's notice, so as to provide our customers with fast and convenient after-sales service

Xima electric welcomes all leaders to visit and guide the company

welcome to Xi'an Xima motor repair factory! yr... jr ... High voltage motor shaft wear excitation The following figure shows the dimension of imported motor 2200KW high voltage Xi'an electric machinery maintenance factory information: blue fluorescent partial free discharge often appears in the high-voltage stator winding, accompanied by hissing sound. This phenomenon is called corona. The output shaft of the shearer drum, which produces ozone (O3) and nitrogen oxides by corona, is subject to alternating torque, impact and other forces during operation, resulting in fracture failure. The torque shaft needs to be purchased, with high price and long procurement cycle. Yem-2/13 users can solve other problems through the problems and faults of the equipment. 2kW, yem-4/7.5kw ultra energy-saving motors yem-4/55kw, yem-2/90kw energy-saving impact experimental motors at high room temperature ylkk/560kw/10000v/ip54/50hz/including PT100 three-phase asynchronous high-voltage motors yrsk 400kw/yrsk 4 building materials are non-toxic and recyclable 00kw high-voltage motors for plateau motor rolling machinery can be customized

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