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Hannover Industrial Expo: China's "smart" manufacturing grabbed the spotlight from April 24 to 28, the annual Hannover Industrial Expo (Hannover Industrial Exhibition) focused the global attention on the latest achievements of current industrial development and the new trends of future industrial development. The theme of this year's exhibition is the value created by integrated industry. The combination of artificial intelligence and man-machine has become a major attraction of this year's Industrial Expo. The ICIF has attracted 6500 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions around the world, and the number of visitors is expected to reach about 200000. In terms of overseas exhibitors, the number and exhibition area of Chinese exhibitors ranked first

since its inception in 1947, the annual Hannover Industrial Expo has gone through 70 years and developed into the world's most influential Industrial Expo. Industry 4.0 was first proposed at the 2011 Industrial Expo, and now it has gradually moved from concept to practical application. At this exhibition, exhibitors showed more than 500 practical applications of industry 4.0. Global industrial transformation, artificial intelligence robots and energy transformation solutions have become the focus of this Industrial Expo. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the opening ceremony on the evening of the 23rd that since its inception, the Hannover Industrial Expo has always been a representative of the opening up of the German economy. Merkel stressed that Germany advocates free and fair Global trade and resolutely opposes isolationism and protectionism

Poland, the guest of honor of this ICIF, will make an overall display of the latest achievements and development concepts of its industry in hall 3 with the theme of global commerce and market, reflecting its commitment to actively accumulate development capital, expand overseas markets and promote social and regional development through key measures such as Reindustrialization and innovation, with emphasis on its advantages as an excellent place for foreign direct investment, innovation and start-up enterprises

On the first day of the launch, Merkel and the Polish Chancellor visited the FESTO motion terminal. This technology has appeared many times in many application exhibitions at the exhibition stand. For example, in the latest bionic project, the digital control terminal as the brain controls the movement of the bionic robot. Merkel also had an intimate interaction with octopusgripper, which was inspired by octopus. After the compressed air is connected to the gripper, the tentacles will bend inward, and according to the shape of the object, it can realize soft wrapped grasping. With the help of bionics, the automatic movement process is more efficient

as the host country, Germany continued to promote the latest achievements of industry 4.0 at the Industrial Expo, especially in the application of close to life. These include beer machines that customize beer according to customers' tastes, as well as more detailed and intimate life tools such as making coffee, boiling milk and garbage recycling

at the same time, the latest concepts and achievements of smart manufacturing, which have been called "yielding" in the past few years, have also been intensively displayed by Chinese and foreign enterprises participating in the Expo. As we all know, the global industrial powers regard intelligent manufacturing as the leading paradigm of manufacturing in the future. Among them, the industrial interconnection proposed by the United States essentially drives industrialization with informatization, while German industry 4.0 drives informatization with industrialization, both of which are pursuing high efficiency under the guidance of informatization. Therefore, China has also proposed the made in China 2025 strategy to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing, and realize a new industrial revolution by using the interconnection of traditional manufacturing technology

at the Industrial Expo, Chinese enterprises showed their ideas and technologies that were not inferior to those of European and American enterprises, which were praised by visitors and insiders. For example, as a made in China 2025 demonstration model and the first and only enterprise in China's household appliance industry to enter the international industrial event, Haier not only released the mass customization solution of cosmoplat, a Chinese original and world-leading industrial interconnection platform, to the world, but also restored the originality of cosmoplat on the spot through the only user centered interconnection factory demonstration line set up at the exhibition. Industry insiders said that in the birthplace of industry 4.0, Haier exhibited China's first industrial interconnection platform with independent intellectual property rights and the only user interaction, bringing a new manufacturing logic to the global industrial field. At present, Haier cosmoplat has gathered hundreds of millions of user resources and 3million + ecological resources, forming three bilateral markets of users and resources, users and enterprises, and enterprises and resources, which can provide global enterprises with service plans for industrial upgrading and practical landing plans. Haier cosmoplat solves the high efficiency under high precision. It is the only industrial interconnection platform that can interact with users from zero distance. The core of the platform is the knowledge precipitation and integration of Haier's more than 10 years of rendanheyi practical experience. By creating the rendanheyi model, users, enterprises and resources are bundled together, and user needs drive the linkage of multiple suppliers to achieve a win-win situation. This is not just Digitalization for digitalization, but to meet user needs and create the best user experience, which is worth learning by many Chinese and foreign enterprises

During the Industrial Expo, the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Sino German industrial cities alliance also set up a special joint exhibition area. Representatives from 24 Chinese and German industrial cities have conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation between German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, so as to promote the effective docking of German technology concepts with the detailed understanding and learning of the Chinese market and capital. The centralized exhibition of Chinese large and medium-sized enterprises has increased the effect of participation and provided opportunities for many emerging private enterprises to show their strength. A Chinese robot manufacturer who participated in the Industrial Expo last year said that participating in the Hannover exhibition has improved the international popularity of Chinese robots, further understood the potential demand of the international market, and made a good promotion and paving the way for the company to expand overseas markets

During the exhibition, Wang Weidong, Minister counsellor of the business department of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, briefly introduced the development of China Germany bilateral economic and trade cooperation at the event site. He said that Germany's industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, to a large extent, focus on intelligent manufacturing, which is a good point for both sides to strengthen cooperation. I hope German entrepreneurs can be full of reason, take a long-term view, and catch the fast train of China's development; At the same time, it is also hoped that the German government can further enhance its flame retardant performance. The government and institutions will send the right signal to the successful enterprises in the German cooperation in introducing composite materials into commercial use, and like the Chinese government, actively encourage the cooperation between enterprises for common development

looking at the dazzling array of industrial achievements and enterprise booths, the Industrial Expo, known as the industrial barometer, urges Chinese and foreign enterprises to adhere to innovation and cooperation. Under the background of the rapid integration and upgrading of the industrialization and informatization wave, the development of enterprises is also like sailing against the current, and if they do not advance, they will retreat. Maxi Merlin, senior vice president of HANNOVER MESSE, said: if manufacturers do not seize the opportunity of digitalization to improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity, it will be difficult to maintain their competitiveness. According to Claudia Greiner, an expert from the Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency of Germany, industry 4.0 with information physics system as the core is the cornerstone of an increasingly efficient and flexible industry. She said: people can instantly know the dynamics of products in the smart factory, which means that products can be adjusted according to users' needs in any link from ordering to distribution to complete personalized customization

this Hannover Industrial Expo is a good opportunity for the made in China 2025 strategy with industrial digitalization and automation as the core to show the world and attract investment. At the same time, it is also an excellent learning place for Chinese enterprises gradually approaching the central development stage of internationalization

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