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Hanyu Caijing acquired its subsidiary 5.3g touch panel factory

on December 9, Taiwan's large-size LCD panel manufacturer hannstardisplay announced on December 5 that it had acquired its 5.3g touch panel factory of Hanyu Caijing touch solutions. The plant is located in the science and Industry Park in southern Taiwan, of which NT $1.425 billion (US $48.1 million) is used to acquire land and buildings, and NT $2.8 billion (US $94.72 million) is used to acquire its fixed real estate

hanyucai had a total of 89 battery manufacturers in 2017) Jing said that the company will enter the production of on cell touch panels, and the acquisition of 5.3g touch panel factory aims to integrate the production of 5.3g panels

Hanyu Caijing expects the demand for on cell touch panels to grow in 2014 and plans to put them into production in the second quarter of next year, mainly for smart inch panels. Hanyu Caijing said that the company will also produce on cell touch panels for tablets

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