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Analysis of the development trend of soft packaging market

in the packaging industry, soft packaging can be described as a wonderful flower. It has the advantages of light weight, softness, less waste, less space, low cost and high cost effectiveness (volume and weight of packaging per unit weight). It has become the most important packaging form for shelf sales with its gorgeous colors, rich functions, and unique expressiveness and characteristics in various forms

the development trend of the global upholstery market

the global upholstery market has appeared polarization: large-scale and mature markets, such as North America, Western Europe and Japan; Small and developing emerging markets, such as India, China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Although emerging flexible packaging markets also have the problem of oversupply, these emerging markets have lower costs and stronger demand growth potential than mature markets. At present, the flexible packaging market presents the following development trends. Here, special attention should be paid to the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks

(1) flexible packaging enterprises have regrouped. Flexible packaging production in many regions of the global market is in a state of oversaturation, so the merger of flexible packaging enterprises has become a common phenomenon, and the combination of strong and strong will be reflected in the future

(2) large orders are concentrated in large enterprises with strong strength

(3) the profit of the opportunity market is far greater than that from the competitive market, but the opportunity market needs to be explored and created. Therefore, enterprises need to meet the following conditions: strong technical ability: strong information and R & D ability; Adopt modern management methods; The equipment should have strong market adaptability, etc

(4) in the next few years, processors in mature markets will face shrinking marginal profits and more and more rationalization in European and American markets. The pressure will continue to increase, and some factories will close down

(5) in the emerging flexible packaging market, some ambitious local companies follow and learn from the development mode of mature markets, and actively seek international cooperation with Western flexible packaging enterprises that apply competitive technology and marketing means together with this rule and rule 1 to ensure their competitiveness

(6) establish a win-win industrial model. Since raw materials account for 70% - 80% of the cost of flexible packaging, and most of the raw materials are petrochemical products, the rise in oil prices in 2004 almost swallowed all the profit space of flexible packaging enterprises. Therefore, industrial upgrading is the only way for flexible packaging enterprises to make profits. At the same time, the packaging needs of end customers are constantly changing, the packaging structure, function and form are constantly updated, and the cost pressure is increasing. Therefore, flexible packaging enterprises should establish long-term strategic alliance relations and long-term coexistence interest relations with raw material suppliers and end users. Mutual support and win-win cooperation are the inevitable trend. Moreover, the all-round cooperation of alliance partners can comprehensively improve the service level and reduce costs

from the "FPA Excellence Award" and "DuPont global packaging award" winning works, we can also glimpse some development trends of flexible packaging products: high barrier composite flexible packaging; Integrate product packaging and functions: novel and unique packaging structure; The structural design of flexible packaging is more humanized, taking full account of the convenience of consumers to open, use, carry and store; Packaging materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. At the same time, the application of some intelligent materials in flexible packaging helps to improve safety, expand the application scope of flexible packaging, and become a development direction of the flexible packaging industry

opportunities and challenges coexist in China's flexible packaging industry

in the past 10 years, through the large-scale introduction of plastic film production equipment, printing equipment, composite equipment (dry, wet, extrusion, coextrusion equipment, etc.), coupled with the increasing accumulation of production management experience combined with printing, composite and other post-processing technologies, the technical level of China's flexible packaging industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the product quality has been greatly improved, So that China's flexible packaging industry has completed the development path of Europe and the United States for half a century in more than 10 years. At the 18th "DuPont global packaging award" announced on August 8th, 2005, Chinese flexible packaging products entered the competition for the first time, winning a gold award, a silver award and two special nomination awards, which is the best evidence of the rapid development of China's flexible packaging industry

at present, China's flexible packaging industry is dominated by gravure printing. Flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Rim region is catching up rapidly. Among them, China's flexible packaging material production base (Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park), including 16 production enterprises such as Shenda, Jiangsu Shenlong venture and Nanjing Zhongda film manufacturing group, has formed a production scale of 130000 tons of various plastic packaging substrates and color printing composite flexible packaging, which is the largest export packaging production base in China. In addition, in recent years, through the continuous efforts of Chinese flexographic printing workers, coupled with the use of the world's most advanced laser direct plate making technology and high-quality inks and other consumables, the quality of flexographic printing flexible packaging products is improving day by day, and more and more applications

however, there are still many gaps with the flexible packaging industry in developed countries: due to the imperfect innovation mechanism and digestion and absorption mechanism, there is a situation that the introduction of one generation lags behind another generation in the internal technological transformation of the industry; There is a lack of leading enterprises, fewer large-scale and high-grade enterprises, and more small-scale enterprises with homogeneous products; High technology content, independent intellectual property rights, and few distinctive products; Many enterprises have not yet got rid of the extensive management form of high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output; The industrial structure is unreasonable. The main equipment and high-tech raw and auxiliary materials basically rely on imports; It also lacks a group of modern packaging enterprise managers and technical and management talents, and the enterprise's innovation ability is weak

flexible packaging industry is a competitive industry. Only by relying on product innovation and technological progress can we create more opportunity markets and obtain rich profits. In fact, compared with the foreign flexible packaging industry, the domestic flexible packaging industry pays more attention to the application of technology and ignores the design of packaging in unique innovation. Therefore, domestic flexible packaging enterprises should improve the technological innovation ability of flexible packaging to a strategic height in order to completely get rid of the dilemma of price competition

(1) the structure, shape, process design and technological innovation of flexible packaging should reflect the core functions of flexible packaging enterprises. Because the design determines the packaging materials, product performance, process path and cost

(2) enterprises with excellent human resources: potential and fast learning speed will take the lead in the market. In a society with transparent information, they need not only market sensitivity, but also full innovation awareness and innovation mechanism

(3) update the concept. First of all, it should not be limited to the single requirements of customers, but should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of appearance, shelf effect, use form, materials, technology, equipment, etc; Secondly, we should explore ideas, integrate all kinds of scientific and technological knowledge, integrate lasers, microwaves, fine chemicals, biomaterials, etc., and completely break the simple imitation mode

(4) accelerate digital construction. Establish a unified and standard database and develop new products of computer-aided design software

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