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As the world's largest industrial exposition, HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will be launched in Hannover Exhibition Center on April next year to gather technologies in various industrial fields and lead the innovation and development of world industry. It is expected to attract about 6500 enterprises from all over the world, with a net exhibition area of 230000 square meters. Industrial integration has been established as the theme of this exhibition and will run through its 11 professional theme exhibitions, including industrial automation, power transmission and control technology, energy, wind energy, new energy vehicle technology, digital industry, air compression and vacuum technology, industrial parts and subcontracting technology, surface treatment technology, environmental protection technology and equipment, research and technology

industrial integration catalyses the fourth industrial revolution

machinery, industrial equipment, working components and system modules will usher in a new era of real-time data exchange to promote the efficiency, safety and sustainable development of resources in production and logistics. Talking about the new theme of this exhibition, Dr. Jochen K ckler, member of the board of directors of Hannover exhibition company in Germany, said that this technological transformation is industrial integration, Industry experts also named it the fourth industrial revolution after steam engine, industrial manufacturing and automation technology

industrial integration is not only aimed at technology and electrical integration, but also applicable to all situations in the industry seeking cross enterprise and cross industry cooperation. Integration will greatly shorten communication channels and improve collaboration efficiency

in order to quickly realize the comprehensive integration of various systems, the production process will be fundamentally reconstructed. In the future, smart materials formlabs and 3shape can issue instructions on how to process and shape mechanical equipment. Components and assemblies have independent digital product memory to complete the continuous information archiving throughout the whole life cycle. Each component can also automatically send various maintenance instructions. Intelligent components in large-scale equipment can also report fault information to the monitoring system independently, and start necessary repair procedures and repair work to avoid further damage

the popularity of Chinese exhibitors is not fading, and small and medium-sized enterprises are actively going out

although the global economic environment is still in a generally depressed state, this has not driven back the popularity of Chinese enterprises participating in the 2013 Hannover Industrial Expo. By the beginning of November, about 450 exhibitors had signed up, with an exhibition area of nearly 8500 square meters, an increase of 35% year-on-year. Among them, there are many domestic leading brands such as Donghua chain, Daquan Group, Guangzhou Baiyun group, Chint Group, Hengjiu machinery, etc. they will bring the most competitive products to the international stage to compete with their overseas counterparts. Chinese exhibitors from Shanghai, Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions are concentrated in the fields of industrial automation, power transmission and control, energy, industrial components and subcontracting technology, air pressure and vacuum technology, surface treatment, etc

it is worth mentioning that domestic small and medium-sized enterprises 5. Beam displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm, showing high enthusiasm for this event. The financial crisis once plagued them with poor benefits, but with the gradual improvement of the national macro-control and the economic environment, some aspiring small and medium-sized enterprises began to actively explore their own transformation path, and took going global as a pioneering move to seek new business opportunities. Therefore, Hannover Industrial Expo 2013 will usher in a large number of new faces who have not participated in the exhibition

the boss of an exhibitor said that the overall situation this year is better than the previous two years. Our company's business in China has stabilized. At the same time, we also want to take the opportunity to open up overseas markets. Compared with the conservative attitude of other enterprises, we are more willing to resolve the crisis through aggressive actions and promote the further growth of enterprises

partner country Russia

the Russian Federation has become a partner country of the 2013 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. Dr. Jochen K ckler said: Russia is an ideal partner country for the 2013 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. Germany and Russia will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen economic cooperation. At the same time, the investment prospect of the Russian market will also attract a large number of exhibitors and industry visitors

Russia signed the WTO Accession Protocol at the end of 2011 and completed the formal ratification procedure in June 2012, thus ushering in new development prospects for Russia and its trading partners. On the one hand, the customs tariff and valuation code will more standardize the composition of five core components such as output settings, and the situation of protecting the domestic economy by spontaneously raising tariffs (such as the recent agricultural machinery and equipment customs vigorously promoting advanced energy-saving technology and product tax protection) will not recur; On the other hand, Russia has a huge demand for mechanical equipment. In 2009, the Russian investment market once declined; Over time, Russia has begun to launch large-scale infrastructure construction projects. Russia's election as a partner country of the 2013 Hannover Industrial Expo will further narrow the relationship with Germany and global trading partners, and the performance of its energy industry is particularly expected

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