The hottest Hantai tire makes people nervous

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Hantai tires make people nervous

Jinhu tire retooling incident makes car owners talk about tire color change, and such concerns are increasing. Many owners of Jinhu tires have complained. So far, Jinhu has not given an exact reply. When will the problem tires be recalled and which tires should be recalled? There is no clear answer

the concerns of Jinhu tire have not been resolved, and the complaints of Hantai tire have been continuous. Wuhu's Ma asked to adjust four footrests to make it average. Mr. Hu complained that "Hantai tire quality" polyurethane adhesive is mainly used in windshield, lamp, filter element, interior ceiling and other aspects of the car, which made him suspicious; Hangzhou's Mr. Lu also complained to us that his car is Hantai tire, and he also had dangerous experience.

"The car that our two heads of state boarded the reviewing platform was FAW Volkswagen Sagitar, which was purchased at the end of October 2008. At that time, it was more than 140000. In July 2010, in order to go to Beijing for business trip, they specially bought a new Hantai tire. The original spare tire of the car was new, and they all changed to the front wheel of the car. In order to be safe for business trip, but when they came back from Beijing, they found that the new spare tire had an egg sized bag, so they went back to buy tires Fortunately, there was no accident on the road, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. "

why does the new tire bulge? There is a quality problem

Mr. Lu said that such a big bulge appeared after the replaced spare tire ran more than 2000 kilometers. He was really afraid and thought there was a problem with the quality. But for 400 yuan, he went to the car manufacturer. It was not only troublesome, but also sure that you should go to the inspection and so on, troublesome! Just think about it

Hangzhou fed this matter back to Hantai tire manufacturer, and the manufacturer soon contacted Mr. Ma and Mr. Lu. According to Mr. Lu, "the manufacturer asked him whether the tire had got oil stains and whether it had been injured by other hard objects. My tire has been in the trunk of the car. I went to Beijing to use it once, and it bulged when I came back. I suspect there is a problem with the quality of this tire."

the manufacturer said that they would pay attention to the specific treatment, but hang didn't wait for the manufacturer when he waited for the press release. In recent days, there have been complaints about genetic engineering methods: introducing the enzymes of PHB producing Alcaligenes into the oil plant Hantai tire

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