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Hantai iflex non pneumatic tires have been tested or used for electric vehicles

Hantai spokesman said that the model used for this tire test is a Kia ray electric vehicle. When the vehicle is driving at a speed of 130 km/h on an obstacle Road, the table report prediction of the safety and durability of the iflex non pneumatic tires used is more prominent

it is reported that iflex non pneumatic tires are made of polyurethane synthetic materials, which reduces energy, which creates a cushion loss and the use of harmful substances that are as comfortable and soft as drivers and the earth, and the recycling rate is as high as 95%. In addition, iflex tires adopt NPT inflation free technology, which not only maintains a soft and tough shape, but also takes into account the performance. Accelerate the implementation of the company's development strategy

as early as 2011, Hantai began to develop iflex non pneumatic tires for modern and Kia electric vehicles, hoping to make a breakthrough in the field of safety and environmental protection tires to meet the market demand

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