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Analysis on the development trend of sanitary ware in China intelligent sanitary ware will be popular

first, the impact of the real estate market on the development of the industry

under the influence of the butterfly effect of the national real estate market regulation policy in 2011 and many adverse interferences from the financial environment at home and abroad, in the face of many challenges, the sanitary ware industry has revealed some information different from the real estate market

despite the downturn in the property market, the sanitary industry is still developing well and seems not to be much affected. Domestic household tycoons have entered Kunming one after another, which is undoubtedly a signal that businesses are very optimistic about the Kunming market. At the same time, the opening of new stores in major shopping malls has also added a lot of vitality to the entire industry. But the smell of gunpowder in the bathroom industry is also gradually becoming stronger

the reason why the sanitary ware industry is not affected by the property market policy regulation is mainly that the rigid demand of the market is still strong. With the continuous strengthening of national urbanization construction, the "urban attention to turn off the main motor source in Kunming" is in full swing, which is a huge opportunity for the sanitary industry. It is precisely under the opportunity of such a big environment and opportunities that vitality different from the real estate market has emerged in the industry. Therefore, the national macro-control of the property market has a certain impact on the sanitary industry

the strong market demand in the bathroom industry directly leads to fierce competition among businesses. Therefore, the bathroom market will also face a "reshuffle". The successive entry of household tycoons is not simply the transformation of marketing mode and the increase in the number of stores, but the competition of brand influence, credibility, reputation and even the collapse of market share. The basic needs of customers for sanitary products are always good quality and low price go2map with excellent quality. Market share is the process of satisfying customers' consumption. In this complex process, the weak are weaker and the strong are stronger. The final situation may be that several large stores and brands will occupy a huge share of the entire bathroom market

the overall situation of the sanitary ware industry l tension and pressure test: test various experiments such as product stretching, tightening, twists and turns, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension, etc; With good development, the scale and clustering of the industry are inevitable, and the situation of washing sand after competition will also appear. At that time, the rest of the bathroom market will be excellent brands with good quality, reasonable price and good service

II. Artistic bathroom products

bathroom products are more artistic. For the future changes of sanitary products, modern sanitary products not only meet the needs of residents' lives, but also have strong demand in residential areas, public places, hotels and other places. In Jiujiu decoration store, many products get rid of the traditional modeling, and the appearance is more artistic, simple and generous

III. The modulus of polyurethane reflects the water saving and energy saving of ultra-high molecular polyurethane

water saving and energy saving is an eternal theme in sanitary ware. See the next issue for specific answers: the call of the country to build an energy-saving society also puts forward higher standards for future bathroom products. Water saving is still the trend of bathroom product development and an important goal of the bathroom industry

IV. bathroom supporting products

supporting products are more abundant. In the plumbing hardware trading area, you can see that the bathroom store no longer simply sells sanitary ware, but also sells hardware accessories, shower rooms, bathroom furniture and other products. Nowadays, people like the one-stop service Tianlong Babu, which is simple and convenient. The bathroom accessories sold in the store not only make the bathroom and sanitary ware look more harmonious, but also save a lot of time for consumers to meet their multi-level needs and changes

v. intelligent sanitary ware

China has become the world's largest manufacturer and seller of sanitary ware products. The production and sales of sanitary ware account for about 30% of the world's total, and sanitary accessories account for about 35% of the world's total. The global economic crisis in 2008 had a certain negative impact on China's sanitary ware industry. However, due to the strong demand and the smooth transition of the overall market, the annual production scale of various domestic sanitary ware reached about 174.0941 million pieces in 2010, of which the production capacity of flushing toilets exceeded 120 million, and the actual output was about 65 million

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