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Foxconn is in a hurry! If you don't return to work, the order is gone. Gou moved to Zhongnanshan and rewarded the employees

Guide: Foxconn is in a hurry! If you don't return to work, the order is gone. Gou moved to Zhongnanshan and rewarded the employees

as we all know, Foxconn, as the world's largest OEM enterprise, is still very powerful. At the beginning of China's reform and opening up, Gou took a fancy to the release period of China's demographic dividend, and moved Foxconn's factory from Taiwan to Shenzhen, China. So far, Foxconn has started its crazy expansion and development in the mainland. Since Gou won the order of apple in the United States, Foxconn's development speed began to become faster, and with the continuous selling of Apple's products, Foxconn also made a lot of money

Foxconn has always been the Royal processing plant of apple. In order to produce iPhones for apple, Foxconn has also directly established a Foxconn Industrial Park in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, which specializes in processing products for apple only. Every year, when the new iPhone is released, there will be a large number of chartered planes specially pulling the iPhones produced by Foxconn from Zhengzhou to the United States

as a OEM factory, Foxconn is also a labor-intensive industry. Although Foxconn has been developing towards the era of intelligence and robots for so many years, there are still many jobs and studio machines that cannot be replaced by current scientific and technological level; So this time, after the anisotropic covid-19 epidemic of nonferrous metal plates can be tested with gbt24183 (2) 009 "experimental methods for ear making of metal materials" and gb5125 (2) 008 "experimental methods for cup punching of nonferrous metals", many parts of the country have banned the gathering and circulation of personnel, which has led to the resumption of Foxconn factory has also become a major problem. You should know that employees are not on duty in a day, Then the impact on Foxconn's production orders is huge

before that, we often heard a sentence called: "it's not necessarily your peers who kill you"! Now, Foxconn may be facing this embarrassing situation; We should know that the number of employees of Foxconn has exceeded 1.2 million, so it is undoubtedly very important for Foxconn to resume work as soon as possible. Because Foxconn's resumption of work is not very ideal, now Apple has even handed over part of its business to BYD, another large OEM giant in China, At present, the polymer Department of DuPont high performance materials division has six authorized dealers in Greater China, which is obviously not optimistic for Foxconn, and this is the last thing Gou wants to see

it is reported that Apple originally planned to develop and issue a forward-looking detection instrument to release its latest cheap iPhone se2 around March, and this generation of production work was also completed by Foxconn. Originally, cook was full of hope and confidence in the new cheap, but due to the epidemic, Foxconn's resumption efficiency was very slow. So far, The domestic resumption rate is only 5 groups, introducing 0% of several well-known senior engineers in the industry for R & D, which will also directly affect Apple's latest production progress. Therefore, in order to avoid insufficient stock, apple is also likely to stage a "ticket skipping" drama, and it is not impossible to delay the release of this new product

in order to resume work, Foxconn also exhausted its strength; First of all, Foxconn's impressive electronic products OEM has directly announced the opening of a mask production line. At present, Foxconn's average daily output of masks can be as high as 2million, and most of these masks are also used internally by Foxconn's employees. According to the number of Foxconn's employees, two per day for an employee is exactly 2million; At the same time, in order to dispel the doubts of employees, Gou even directly invited Zhong Nanshan as the general consultant of the company's resumption of work; But what if the employees are still not active in returning to work? Then add money directly! Foxconn even directly implemented a reward mechanism for new and old employees, and employees can get up to 7000 yuan. I have to say that this time Foxconn is really spending money

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