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Ovum: four ways out for operators in the future

as the price per bit decreases year by year, voice communication decreases, operators' pure communication business increment does not increase revenue, and even profit decline is the general trend in the future

in this regard, ovum believes that the way out for operators in the future is to provide professional management services for other enterprises, penetrate into other industries and provide perfect solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

ubiquitous networks: provide operators with broader market opportunities

ubiquitous networks, including satellites, low-power wide area networks (lpwa), Nb IOT, and mobile cellular networks. This will provide operators with broader market opportunities

for example, in terms of satellites, it can help operators lock in lucrative long-range vertical fields, such as shipping and offshore platforms; And can realize business expansion or integrate other connections to develop core businesses horizontally to meet the needs of key customers. This year, international mainstream operators including at t, orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, etc. will be committed to expanding the use of satellites

low power wide area can provide IOT access for operators to achieve wider coverage. Taking orange as an example, it built Lora lpwa network, and announced in September 2015 that it would be launched in 16 regions by the first quarter of 2016. It will build local micro networks based on batteries, low-cost communication and non critical data objects, aiming to cover all French metropolises. It is an integral part of the essentials2020 strategic plan formulated by obs

NB IOT has low cost, low bandwidth, deep coverage, less than $5 modem, and 10-year battery life, which makes NB IOT have the background of mobile industry, and even has the opportunity to replace lpwa. The standardization will be completed by June 2016, and operators are ready to launch services in 2017

do not plan to close the 2G network

the most surprising thing is that the operators do not plan to close the 2G network. Orange said it has no plan to close the 2G network, while other operators said to restructure 2G in 2020 and 2025

the reason behind this is that 2G is the foundation of most M2M, and it occupies a strategic position between NB lot and LTE, which are mainly used. 2G can meet the coverage of remote areas and weakened areas, so that the network coverage can be expanded by 7 times

Management Service output

undoubtedly breaking the adverse situation that China's high-quality titanium chloride slag has been dependent on imports for a long time. Ask many years of ICT management experience, It enables operators to avoid improper operation and damage to equipment, and has the ability to output management experience. For example, in 2014, Deutsche Telekom cooperated with Mercedes Benz Volkswagen to collect data from Bluetooth OBD2 dongles in the name of dealers; The management platform provides diagnostic data for services, while Deutsche Telekom does not provide connections

in 2016, Deutsche Telekom cooperated with BMW. Automotive ISP covers 15 countries and plans to launch in 35 countries. It will charge cars in Europe separately. Fixed integration based on ESIM card. Even if Deutsche Telekom does not provide connection, it can provide professional services. It is expected that this cooperation will be launched in July 2016, and more service content will be launched in 2017

explore opportunities in other industries

the downturn in the telecommunications industry has turned operators to seek opportunities in other industries. For example, Vodafone completed the acquisition of Cobra automotive spa in September 2014, which is now called Vodafone Automotive (VA). With its flagship remote information processing and use based on insurance, it can provide VA production with full consideration of ecosystem carrying capacity, hardware installation, back-end security and other services, VA can handle all business relationships that need to resolve personal claims. In addition, Vodafone set up the pick up the phone project for OEM companies to establish a safety operation center for Porsche

operators have also begun to pay attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, a market that they didn't care about before. For example, they provide a complete set of solutions such as corresponding software and hardware + communication charges for small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, operators have launched teliasonera M2M in a box, Telefonica thinking things and other products

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