Four units of the Qingshuitang power station of th

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Four units of Toshiba hydropower Qingshuitang power station are put into operation for power generation

then rotate the experimental machine manually. During manual measurement, butter should be evenly applied on the back of the measurement, and the middle air should be tightly coupled with the platform to press out the wheel

the picture shows the rotor hoisting site of Qingshuitang hydropower station unit 4

Recently, Toshiba hydropower equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Toshiba Hydropower") designed and manufactured unit 4 of Qingshuitang hydropower station in Hunan Province and generated electricity. So far, all units of Qingshuitang hydropower station, a key project in Hunan Province, have been successfully put into operation

Qingshuitang hydropower station is located in Chenxi County, Huaihua City, in the middle reaches of the main stream of the Yuan river. It is the sixth cascade hydropower station in the cascade development of the main stream of the Yuan River in Hunan Province. The hydropower station is equipped with four bulb tubular turbine generator units with a single unit capacity of 32 MW, with a total installed capacity of 128 MW. The diameter of its turbine runner is 7.5 meters, which is one of the bulb tubular units with the largest runner diameter in China. One day, he suddenly said excitedly

In August 2006, Toshiba hydropower undertook the design and manufacturing of four units of Qingshuitang hydropower station. It took only three years from the signing of the contract to the commissioning of all four units for power generation

as one of the largest bulb tubular units in China, Qingshuitang hydro generator set has complex design and manufacturing links. In view of the large bearing load of Qingshuitang unit, the design department repeatedly carried out comparative calculations of various bearing schemes, and conducted bearing model tests and acceptance tests in Toshiba company. It was determined that Toshiba's advanced heavy-duty plastic tile system was adopted for the guide bearing of hydro generator unit, which significantly improved the bearing capacity of the guide bearing of the unit. The successful operation of four units shows that this technology further ensures the safety and reliability of unit operation. The manufacturing department strictly controls the product quality and makes every effort to meet the needs of project construction according to the contract and installation plan. Its excellent product quality and after-sales service have been highly praised by the owners

the successful operation of Qingshuitang hydropower station unit marks that Toshiba hydropower has maintained a leading position in the research and development of large bulb tubular units in China, and has laid a good foundation for the development of large bulb tubular turbine generator units in the future

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