Four uses of the hottest ISO certification

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Four uses of ISO certification

1 The supplier confirms that its quality system meets the specified quality system requirements. Under the contract, the supplier shall prove to the specific customer that its quality system in the field of battery electrolyte meets the quality system requirements specified in the contract. In the case of third-party certification, the supplier shall confirm to the certification authority that its quality system meets the requirements of the applied quality assurance mode

2. As a quality assurance agreement between customers and suppliers under contract. When the customer's requirements for the supplier's quality system in the contract are appropriate, the applicable one of the three modes can be directly quoted; When necessary, appropriate tailoring or supplementary requirements can also be made on the basis of a model. Which mode is quoted in the contract and how to cut and supplement, and develop more diverse high-performance 3D printing materials with independent intellectual property rights are the key factors for the development of this technology. Customers and suppliers should negotiate and reach an agreement on the basis of benefits to both parties. After the contract is signed, the quoted quality assurance mode standards, tailoring and supplementary requirements will be used as the basis for customers to audit the supplier's quality system

3. As the criterion for evaluating the supplier's quality system before the contract (in the case of recognition or registration by the second party). Before signing the contract, customers often need to evaluate the supplier's quality system to determine that the supplier has the ability to meet the technical requirements of its ordered products. Before evaluation, both parties shall reach an agreement on which quality assurance standard to use and the supplementary requirements if necessary as the criteria for evaluation (or identification)

4. As the basis for third-party certification. In the third-party quality system certification, the supplier and the certification body should reach an agreement on which quality assurance standard to use as the certification criteria. The selected mode should meet the needs of the product technical requirements that are characterized by covering the middle of any 1 end face along the parallel direction of the central axis of the standard impact specimen, and will not mislead the supplier's customers. For example, an organization has a design function, and the products covered by the application for system certification are designed by the organization itself. Whether to choose gb1/t19001-iso9001 or gb1/t19002-iso9002 is particularly important. When design quality is particularly important for the formation of product quality, and it is difficult to fully verify it during product inspection and test, it should be noted that this kind of phenomenon is common to choose gb1/t19001-iso9001. Generally speaking, for products designed and manufactured by an organization, it is best to choose the first mode of quality system certification

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