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Brief introduction of five common chocolate packaging materials

[China Packaging News] due to the characteristics of chocolate itself, it is required to meet the requirements of preventing moisture absorption and dissolution, aroma escape, oil precipitation and rancidity, pollution and heat during packaging. Therefore, the requirements for chocolate packaging materials are very strict, not only to ensure the beauty of the packaging, but also to meet the above packaging requirements. The packaging materials of chocolate in the market mainly include paper product packaging, aluminum foil packaging, tin foil packaging, plastic flexible packaging and composite material packaging

I. packaging of paper products

due to the high environmental protection of paper products, it is generally used for the outer packaging of chocolate. The outer packaging adopts fixed cartons to protect the chocolate from damage and enhance the display. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white card paper, gray board paper, box board paper and corrugated paper, and the use proportion of some high value-added functional papers such as water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid resistant, deodorizing and Weihua paper is gradually increasing, which will become a highlight of additional attention of paper packaging enterprises

II. Aluminum foil packaging

aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture-proof, light proof and heat preservation. No matter the inside or outside of chocolate, there must be the shadow of aluminum foil. Generally, aluminum foil is used as the inner packaging of chocolate. Chocolate is a kind of food that belongs to a niche product, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt

III. tin foil packaging

this is a kind of traditional packaging material. Because of its good barrier and ductility, it has always occupied a place in the current chocolate packaging, but it has been greatly impacted by plastic packaging due to factors such as production technology, production efficiency, application limitations and price

IV. plastic flexible packaging

plastic packaging has gradually become one of the most important packaging materials for chocolate due to its rich functions and diverse display power. With the maturity of technology, the cold sealed soft package has gradually become the most important inner packaging material for chocolate because of its high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy tearing and other advantages, and can meet the requirements of avoiding the impact of high temperature in the chocolate packaging process. The development direction of plastic packaging in the later stage is to improve not only the rubber materials, improve the existing plastic properties, develop new varieties, improve the strength and barrier, reduce the amount (thick wall), reuse, classify and recycle, and protect the environment

v. composite packaging

composite materials have become a commonly used packaging material in chocolate and candy because of their multiple material composite characteristics and obvious protective display ability, easy to obtain materials, simple processing, solid composite layer and low consumption. Most of the composite materials are based on flexible packaging. At present, the commonly used materials are paper plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite and paper aluminum composite. The universal tensile testing machine for inner packaging adopts high-speed DSP. Another article discusses the failure of PEUU heart valve. The platform pet and aluminum foil are compounded to maintain the luster, flavor, shape, moisture-proof and anti-oxidation of the product, prolong the shelf life and protect the product performance

these are the common packaging design materials for chocolate. According to the different packaging styles, there are also container packaging in the market, which requires the production of metal materials or the combination of composite materials. No matter what kind of packaging material is used, it is to protect chocolate products, improve the hygiene and safety of products, and improve consumers' purchase desire and commodity value. Therefore, a comprehensive investigation should be done when choosing chocolate packaging materials. For more information, please pay attention to Chinese packaging

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