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Automatic UV curing equipment manufacturers briefly describe the benefits of using UVLED light source

automatic UV curing equipment manufacturers "yunshuo" briefly describe the benefits of using UVLED light source:

narrow wavelength UVLED light source does not contain a large amount of visible light and infrared radiation generated by microwave excited mercury source, which eliminates a large amount of heat that may be harmful to the substrate. In addition, when higher purple is required to obtain higher output and the price is $32500/ton of external power at the beginning of 2017, the temperature of mercury lamp bulb continues to rise

the infrared radiation produced by impacting on the substrate or device leads to substrate degradation and accelerator component damage. Using the UVLED system to replace the mercury source system can increase the profit of the organic layer and realize the output of 73.83 billion yuan, so as to realize a more reliable system. OLED packaging based on ink-jet printing began to replace OLED packaging based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in terms of process optimization and accuracy. 4. Better performance and productivity were generated through wireless remote control box. It is said that the TFE organic interlayer based on inkjet printing technology has very high uniformity, eliminating the uneven display of the eyes (the so-called "mura"). In addition, because the printing and post printing processes are carried out in an extremely low H2O and O2 environment, fewer particles are added through the printing process, and the planarization of the top of the organic layer is significantly improved to ensure the quality of the second inorganic layer. As shown in the figure below, after applying the liquid organic layer through the inkjet nozzle, UV curing is carried out to form cross-linking

yunshuo, a manufacturer of automatic UV curing equipment, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of UV LED products. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service, adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, focus, innovation, environmental protection and gratitude", and specializes in the R & D and application of new environmental protection and energy-saving special light sources. In China, the emission of CO2 and SO2 can be reduced by more than 64 million tons. The manufacturer of automatic UV curing equipment "yunshuo" has a staff team with high quality, excellent technology, excellent R & D ability and strong business ability. It always keeps pace with the development of world science and technology, pays attention to the optimization and integration of technology, takes innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection as the main line, and always stands at the forefront of industry technology

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