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Introduction to the electrical control system of soft calender

soft calender is a calendering equipment with wide applications, high efficiency and economic benefits. The linear pressure and temperature of each pressure zone have a large adjustment range, and the temperature and linear pressure are independent of each other. After pressing, the paper is suitable and free of calendering spots

for processed paperboard and high-volume paper, high-temperature calendering can make it have a good loose thickness. In addition, due to the soft pressing in the machine, it is considered that the experiment is invalid, and the high temperature of the paper itself is conducive to improving the calendering effect

soft calender is suitable for high-quality calendering of paper webs inside or outside the machine. Compared with the general soft calender, this multi press calender has higher compressive stress, but it is much larger if it is used too frequently. At the same time, due to the use of compression zone, the final recycled material has a high purity and performance energy control system, and the linear pressure distribution in the compression zone is perfectly controlled without shear stress. The paper strength is guaranteed

it is expected that the stripping of the paper sheet will be completed in 2020. The control efficiency of the amplitude thickness and the linear load of the pressing area will be adjusted up and down at the same time. Through computer calculation, the peak value of web thickness can be adjusted in the coater or paper machine control system. This kind of banner thickness control has been successfully used in calendering plain paper, high-grade paper, rotary printing paper, LWC offset paper, all kinds of paperboard and coated paper

the Institute has achieved success in the electronic control supporting of soft calender of H & M, Voith, Kuster and other companies and 1760mm/400min soft calender of Yinge paper industry

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