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Shangpu Consulting: intelligent instruments and meters will have three development trends in the future

at present, they are becoming more and more intelligent, and the terminals of mobile customers force the instrument industry to become intelligent. If you want the instrument industry to be in the front of the times, you must take an intelligent development road

Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that in recent years, the development of intelligent measurement and control instruments is particularly rapid. A variety of intelligent measurement and control instruments have appeared in the domestic market, such as intelligent throttling flowmeter that can automatically compensate for differential pressure, intelligent multi-stage temperature controller that can program temperature control, intelligent regulator that can realize digital PID and various complex control laws, and intelligent chromatograph that can analyze and process various spectra

intelligent instruments and meters have three development trends in the future

first, miniaturization. Micro intelligent instrument refers to the integrated application of microelectronic technology, micromachine technology, information technology and so on in the production of instruments, so that the instrument becomes an intelligent instrument with small volume and complete functions. It can complete signal acquisition, linearization processing, digital signal processing, control signal output, amplification, interface with other instruments, interaction with people and other functions. With the continuous development of micro electro mechanical technology, the technology of micro intelligent instruments is maturing and the price is decreasing. Therefore, its application field can be modified appropriately when necessary, and it will continue to expand. It not only has the function of traditional instruments, but also plays a unique role in the fields of automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology and medical treatment. For example, at present, several different parameters of a patient need to be measured at the same time and some parameters need to be controlled. Usually, several tubes need to be inserted into the patient's body, which increases the import and export at the same time. The import and export of the customs special supervision area all fall, which increases the chance of infection of the patient. The micro intelligent instrument can measure multiple parameters at the same time, and it is small in size, and can be implanted into the human body, so these problems can be solved

second, the versatility of graphene is a feature of intelligent instruments and meters, so it is also a general trend of the development of intelligent instruments and meters industry in the future

third, artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a new field of computer application. The further development of intelligent instruments will contain a certain amount of artificial intelligence, that is, a part of mental work to replace people. The application of artificial intelligence in modern instruments and meters enables us not only to solve a class of problems that are difficult to solve by traditional methods, but also to solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods

according to the "China Luohua intelligent instrument market analysis and Investment Strategy Research Report" released by Shangpu consulting, with the development of relevant technologies such as special integrated circuits and personal instruments, intelligent instruments will be more widely used. As the core component of intelligent instruments, single-chip computer technology is the driving force to promote the development of intelligent instruments in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function, especially uneven distribution and more flexibility. It can be expected that intelligent instruments with various functions will be widely used in all fields of society in the near future

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