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A brief description of the future development situation of China's hardware casting machine tool industry

in recent years, China's casting machine tool industry has made some achievements, but its development still faces many restrictive problems. Technological innovation has always been a hard injury for the domestic casting machine tool industry to achieve the "production study research" integrated chemical industry. Compared with foreign casting machine tool industry, China's casting machine tool industry is obviously backward in the level of manufacturing technology, which makes it have obvious deficiencies in the technical level and running speed of core operating parts, product accuracy retention and the reliability of machine tools

at present, China's foundry machine tool enterprises lack the awareness and ability of independent innovation and basic theoretical research, which restricts our country's foundry industry. Everyone knows that the materials here are genuine machine tools. 4 The better frequency of oil tank hydraulic oil is the development of technology in 2 years or within 2 years. To change this situation, it is necessary to deeply study the characteristics and requirements of the product process of the user industry, develop high-level processing equipment in combination with the process characteristics, and at the same time, pay attention to the research of basic theoretical work, so that China's casting machine tool industry can have a better development in the near future. The state has issued a series of policies to vigorously build emerging enterprises and high-tech enterprises. Seizing this opportunity, the enterprise has issued a series of policies such as "adjustment and revitalization" and "independent innovation" to upgrade enterprise machine tool technology, strictly ensure product quality, and provide a good environment and market for accelerating the development of the casting machine tool industry

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