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Introduction to cooking resistant polyurethane adhesive

at present, the food packaging industry is booming, and the demand for adhesives for composite films is increasing day by day. Composite film flexible packaging has the advantages of high strength, waterproof, shading, good air tightness and heat resistance. The packaged material can achieve the effect of fresh preservation, color preservation and taste preservation. Adhesives for composite films (dry process) include general-purpose adhesives (including adhesives resistant to 100 ℃ boiling and sterilization), adhesives resistant to 121 ℃ cooking and sterilization, and adhesives resistant to 135 ℃ high temperature cooking and sterilization. Among domestic adhesives, general-purpose adhesives basically meet the requirements of composite production, and 135 ℃ high-temperature cooking and sterilization resistance is an important new coating technology. Adhesives are rarely used, only for special occasions. There are few domestic manufacturers of 121 ℃ cooking glue, some of which are produced by introducing foreign technology, and most of them rely on foreign imports. Among them, ad 502/cat 10 made in Japan has the largest sales volume. Its quality is stable, its composite fastness is permanent, and its content resistance is good. It has become the main glue for 121 ℃ cooking and sterilization in China, but its sales price is high. In view of the above situation, Guangdong Zhongtian Jintao Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a low-cost laminating adhesive for 121 ℃ boiling sterilization, combined with a general curing agent (tmp/tdi adduct). Based on the comprehensive analysis of domestic and foreign literature, through small-scale development, pilot scale-up, and composite application tests, the composite performance has reached the predetermined goal. The cooking resistant polyurethane adhesive developed by the company makes pet/al/cpp composite bags and is filled with hot and sour media. The test shows that the composite performance is good, and the peel strength reaches the level of imported adhesive after cooking at 121 ℃ for 40min, Basically, it meets the needs of the market for the small dot cylinder of this adhesive, and it is best to add a V-shaped table. After a year and a half of timely repair, the performance is basically stable, and the sales price is nearly half lower than the import price, which has been highly praised by users

the hydraulic servo UTM experimental machine can be used for dynamic testing and fatigue experimenter: Xu Meiqing

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