Brief introduction of the hottest global pulp Mark

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Brief introduction to the global pulp market

the reduction in supply led to a rebound in the price of bleached coniferous kraft pulp in the north of the United States by $10/ton. Under the counterattack of China, the price of Southern bleached coniferous kraft pulp fell by $10/ton

after the unexpected supply interruption of the British Columbia factory, where the pulp is produced, the supply of goods in the U.S. spot market was in short supply, resulting in an increase of $10/ton in the price of bleached coniferous kraft pulp, which is mainly used in the northern Vickers hardness test for metallurgic and metallographic research

the benchmark net spot price of northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp delivered in the East and Midwest of the United States rose to the United States/ton. Market participants said that the one month long shutdown of Canadian Canadian Cafu company and the recent rupture of oil and gas pipelines led to the shutdown or reduction of the production of British Columbia pulp factory due to the ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive jc/t 547 (9) 4, which made people more worried about the supply of pulp in autumn

pppc previously reported that the inventory of global chemical commodity pulp manufacturers decreased by one day in September, closing at 37 days. The inventory of bleached broad-leaved kraft pulp fell for two days, and the shipment volume increased by 7.1% year-on-year. Although the data of commodity pulp manufacturers were generally optimistic, Chinese buyers did not let up on the price reduction of pulp supply in October. The inventory of bleached broad-leaved kraft pulp manufacturers fell to 41 days, while the inventory of bleached coniferous kraft pulp remained unchanged for 33 days

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