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Brief introduction of double head thick film blister

double head thick film blister is suitable for thermoplastic sheets or plates such as ABS, hips, PC, PE, pet, PS, pet, PVC, PMMA, etc; Heating system, forming system, vacuum system, air pressure system, cooling system, control system, etc

mechanical structure of plastic suction machine: heating system, forming system, vacuum system, air pressure system, cooling system, control system, etc.

working principle: feeding → heating → forming → cooling → discharging

inflation is still coming like a flood

composition and operation mode of plastic suction machine equipment:

heating system: the heating furnace uses infrared ceramic heating bricks to heat up and down,. The heating furnace adopts the moving type heating furnace

temperature control system: the one-to-one (5) permeability control of the temperature controller is used to control the heating bricks with low supply enthusiasm, so that the temperature in the furnace area will be even when the time comes

cooling system: mold temperature machine, Japanese Meiji cold water spray gun (spray) and strong cold air,

forming system: the forming part is composed of sealing air box, tablet pressing frame, upper mold assembly and lower mold assembly. During the forming, the lower mold adopts vacuum forming, and the lower mold is equipped with a balance synchronizer to ensure the smooth operation of the mold base

vacuum system: it is equipped with a complete vacuum system, including vacuum box, vacuum pump, vacuum storage tank, vacuum valve, back blowing demoulding device, secondary vacuum and delayed vacuum. It is basically used for fatigue test of metal materials

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