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ICC characteristic files, which are the components of ICC files, are generally composed of three parts: file header, label table and label element data

the file header consists of 128 bytes. It mainly introduces the attributes of the file, such as the type, capacity, version number of the characteristic file, the type of color management module, the color space of the device, the connection space (PCS) of the characteristic file, the color matching method, and the excitation value XYZ of the light source in the PCs space

label table mainly includes the total number of labels in the characteristic file and the relevant description of each label. The total number of tags accounts for 4 bytes; Each label description takes up 12 bytes. The first 4 bytes are the label company function: identifier, the middle 4 bytes are the offset of the label relative to the starting point byte of the feature file, and the last 4 bytes are the length of the label element data. Label element data is mainly used to store the conversion data between the color space of the device and PCs. The capacity of each label element is different

display feature files are actually very complex. They can be a series of tables, or a table followed by a matrix, followed by a table. The result seems to be a large table. All types of property files are the same

most display properties files are table matrix table types. Printer properties files are types of tables. However, these differences are almost user independent. The main difference is that all display characteristic files are from RGB to PCs, while many printer characteristic files are from P (2) upstream raw material waste pulp CS to CMYK (i.e. compared with channel 4 and channel 3). However, many printers require RGB data to be converted to CMYK in their drivers, so the printer profile has only three channels

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