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The composition and formulation of polyurethane heat sealing coating products (Part I)

Abstract This paper introduces the composition selection and formulation of yh510 single component polyurethane heat sealing coating products, as well as the data relationship between coating amount and heat sealing strength for common paper plastic, plastic plastic and PET/aluminum. This specification is applicable to foil composite structures at room temperature. According to the use of customers, the product has good effect for PET/aluminum foil composite structure.


in the field of flexible packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, a large number of polyurethane heat sealing coating products are required to be applied to ordinary plastic, paper plastic and aluminum foil. These products are between the hot melt adhesive in the general sense and the solvent based adhesive of Changchuan. There are existing solvents in the product. After coating and gluing, the solvent needs to be removed by heating device. However, in application, it needs to be overheated at 120 ℃ and 160 ℃ to achieve complete composite effect. During the product use, the bar is heated and sealed to complete the compounding process, which does not require a long aging process

experimental part

1 raw materials and specifications

hot melt polyurethane compound (tpu1) industrial product (tpu2) industrial product

methyl ethyl ketone chemical pure ethyl acetate chemical pure

modified terpene chemical pure chloroacetic acid resin industrial product

modifier 1self-made

2 preparation process

first add a measure of I methyl ethyl ketone, then add 1/2 of tpui and tpu2, start stirring, and heat up to about 60 ℃, After the tpu1 and TPU to be added are completely dissolved, the remaining 1/2 of tpul and tpu2 and the chlorine vinegar resin are added. At the same time, add 2/3 of ethyl acetate, heat and raise the temperature to about 720 ℃, stir and add the material to dissolve completely. Then, the whole system was modified and synthesized by adding modified terpene resin and modifier i; Finally, add the remaining 1/3 of ethyl acetate solvent to prepare the viscosity and solid content of the product

3 final product sample index

same content (25 ± 2)%

viscosity (2500 ± 100) mpa.s/25 ℃

application part

1. use process

take PET film composite aluminum foil as an example: determine the amount of dead glue according to the strength requirements. First, prepare the glue solution with ethyl acetate or methyl ethyl ketone as the solvent to form a working solution with a concentration of 10%. Apply the glue on the aluminum foil, and then dry it to remove the solvent. Then press the PET film onto the aluminum foil and then heat seal it. Or the dried aluminum foil is directly heat sealed by the heat sealing machine without pressing with the PET film to complete the composite process

in common paper plastic and plastic composite structures, the relationship between glue amount and composite strength

2 l the experimental results of paper/BOPP structures are shown in Table 1

(to be continued)

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