Completion of the new plant of Tetra Pak packaging

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Tetra Pak Hohhot new plant completed recently, Tetra Pak Hohhot new plant, a key project in the autonomous region invested and constructed by Tetra Pak packaging Co., Ltd. and constructed by Suzhou Jinyu Construction Co., Ltd., has passed the acceptance and officially put into use

it is understood that the project covers an area of 300 mu. I. on january16,2019, the project has a construction area of more than 40000 square meters and a total investment of 600million yuan, mainly for production, living and office buildings. This project has reached the international first-class level from material selection to construction technology. The acceptance team unanimously agreed that the project was qualified. The project will provide 8billion packages of liquid milk light packaging and other packaging materials for Mengniu and Yili every year, providing a reliable guarantee for the expansion and strength of dairy enterprises in our region

let's have a detailed look:

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