Fake Enron Wallpapers appear in the market

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American enron wallpaper brand series is a product produced by a professional hundred year old factory located in the United States authorized and certified by international wallpaper and environmental protection agencies and imported from the United States. It has the full patent right of professional development and design of designers or manufacturers, and is sold in the designated area by Enron wallpaper (Beijing) Company authorized relevant agents or distributors. The product has many innovations in color, creativity, materials and production technology. It is a real environmental friendly wallpaper product without any PVC in the market at present. The products sold by the infringer are counterfeit products with similar patterns and colors to the original products designed by us, but with essential differences in material use and production technology. These counterfeits are basically produced with low-cost inferior raw materials and pigments and coatings with high volatility and excessive toxicity. At the same time, in order to simply pursue the maximization of interests, counterfeit manufacturers will not pay attention to the production environment and storage protection like foreign original manufacturers, so most of their factory products contain filth and workshop germs that cannot be found by the naked eye. These filth and germs will accompany their families day and night, including the elderly and infants … We hope that consumers can clearly understand that limited money savings may lead to unlimited health losses

in addition, according to Article 60 of the patent law of China, the amount of compensation for infringement of patent rights is determined according to the losses suffered by the obligee due to infringement or the benefits obtained by the infringer due to infringement; Where it is difficult to determine the loss of the infringee or the benefit obtained by the infringer, it shall be reasonably determined by reference to the multiple of the patent license fee. The reason why many illegal manufacturers dare to violate the law and infringe the rights is because of the temptation of high profits. However, according to Article 60 of the patent law of China, it is obvious that high profits mean high compensation. At the same time, according to China's "Anti Unfair Competition Law", the act of counterfeiting our company's products and selling them in the market has constituted infringement and unfair competition. We have launched relevant actions in this regard, and have entrusted professional companies and persons to collect evidence and information, and file a lawsuit against the infringer's behavior with the legal administrative department at an appropriate time. All legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the infringer




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