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Due to China's long-standing tea culture, many friends like to eat in tea restaurants. In addition to the atmosphere of eating there, their unique decoration has become a characteristic fashion. Now more and more people pay attention to the quality of their interior decoration, and the decoration design of restaurants is no exception

tea restaurants, generally represented by Hong Kong style, originated from fast-food restaurants in Hong Kong and provide Western-style restaurants that blend Hong Kong characteristics. They are popular eating places in Hong Kong. This is a kind of catering industry that restaurant culture forms and develops with the combination of teahouses. So what kind of tea restaurant decoration can attract people, and what aspects we need to pay attention to when designing tea restaurants, so as to create a tea restaurant suitable for ordinary people? Xiaobian summarized some key points of tea restaurant decoration below

I. decoration design style of the tea restaurant

the decoration design style of the tea restaurant is closely related to the tableware. Before the decoration design of the tea restaurant, the style of the dining table and chairs can be determined well. The most likely conflicts are the color, ceiling shape and wall decoration

at present, the decoration design styles of tea restaurants have long been simple style, Nordic style, traditional European style, metal main style, etc

II. Tea restaurant decoration steps

first, select a tea restaurant decoration company, and the company's personnel will go to the tea restaurant store to measure, give the tea restaurant design opinions, and after communication, determine the project completion time and some project arrangements. At the same time, it is also necessary to draft a contract to ensure the completion time and the legal management right of the tea restaurant. After the preparation work is completed, the construction will begin until the acceptance is completed. Conduct a construction inspection two months after the start of business to determine whether there is a problem in the decoration. After determining that there is no problem, both parties terminate the contract

III. precautions for decoration of tea restaurant

1. Personalized design of tea restaurant. Every tea restaurant must have an eye-catching design. For example, a message board or sticker area should be designed on the small stage of the hall to facilitate the communication between customers and tea restaurants, customers and customers; Smoking rooms and children's entertainment areas can also be added according to the size of the venue. Note: ventilation and fire prevention measures must be taken in the tea restaurant

2. Under normal circumstances, the decoration design of tea restaurants must be simple and bright, giving people a natural and comfortable feeling. Large floor glass should be installed on one side of the road, so that customers can see not only the bustling streets, but also the elegant restaurants and shops for pedestrians; Soft decoration and lighting must match the color of tables and chairs, preferably warm color. The decoration cost shall be controlled within 200 yuan/square meter

3. Decoration details of tea restaurant. In order to improve the service quality, a TV and an antique bookshelf must be placed in the tea restaurant; Mark “ by the sink; For your health, please wash your hands ” Words of; The cash register should be designed as a bar, with paper towels, leaflets, lighters printed with the address of the tea restaurant, cash registers, etc. on the stage, and various wines, decorations, and hanging wine glasses can be placed behind the stage, leaving customers with a relaxed and thoughtful first impression

4. The top priority of tea restaurant decoration &mdash& mdash; kitchen. In order to save decoration costs, some tea restaurant operators only focus on the decoration of halls and private rooms, reducing the decoration costs of kitchens. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The role of the kitchen in the early stage of tea restaurant business is not obvious, because the passenger flow is small, but in the later stage, when the dishes in the store can attract more and more customers, the kitchen design is substandard and the equipment is backward, which may lead to the loss of customers due to the slow serving speed

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is Xiaobian's knowledge about the decoration design and precautions of the tea restaurant, which I hope can help you. For more information, please continue to pay attention to learning decoration




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