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When father's day meets the 618 promotion of Ou Shennuo, 10 square meters of balcony bricks can be bought for 10 yuan, as well as popular tiles of 59 yuan/piece. Whether it's the new Chinese style that my father likes or the pastoral style that yearns for returning to nature, it can be matched at will

I don't know if you have noticed that when father's Day is coming, the atmosphere in the office is different from that when mother's day comes

on the eve of mother's day, people have long shared information about what gifts to buy for their mother

in contrast, father's Day is more silent and restrained

it's strange that many people have bought gifts, but they don't make much announcement

it seems that we are shy and introverted in front of the topic of father

therefore, sometimes we want to express our love to him, but we don't know how to speak

it's like when we talk about our father, we often have to think carefully before we can remember the details about him.

the leather shoes he wears seem to have not been changed for many years.

the font on his mobile phone screen has been adjusted from the standard to the maximum,

he seems to be more and more fond of forwarding some soul chicken soup in the circle of friends


obviously, he once noticed

but never bought him a new pair of shoes or chatted with him.

recently, on a popular variety show, little s xuxidi told her good sister Aya about her father. She said she always wanted to re record the song once written to her father and put it into her album, But she couldn't help bursting into tears every time she sang half way

Aya, a good sister beside, was also deeply infected and thought of her father. She said that sometimes she dreams of her father and wakes up thinking that he is still in the next room and has not left

but in fact, little s's father is not a good father, drinking, gambling and beating his wife, so the lyrics written by little s to his father are full of complaints about his father. But my father is still my father. Even though he has done many wrong things, we still love him

unlike little s, big s Xu Xiyuan commemorates their father in a more tolerant way. Because when she was a child, her father peeled shrimp for her. Later, her father was gone, and she didn't eat it

we love our father so much

not because of how great he is

but in the home that only belongs to my parents and me

is a warm harbor built by my father with broad shoulders

growing up with us as adults

when I was a child, in order to meet the fun of my graffiti

I bought paint that was still very expensive at that time

I painted the whole wall into a paintable drawing board

after school

. father for Let me have a good rest environment

specially gave me the southernmost and warmest room in my home

his carefulness Rigorous integration in every part of the home

makes me feel the warmth and comfort of the home

for my father

this is the responsibility and love for the home

when I grow up

we set up a new family

whether it's buying a house or decorating

he always gives us maximum help

but never seriously thinks about

decorating a house I like for myself

life is a long journey.Journey

I'm glad At the beginning, we have been accompanied and cared for by our father

now we have grown up

in the long years to come, it's time for us to decorate a house of his own for him

when we meet ou Shennuo 618 promotion on father's Day

for 10 yuan, we can buy 10 ㎡ balcony bricks

and popular tiles are 59 yuan/piece

whether it's the new Chinese style that my father likes or the pastoral style that yearns for returning to nature

.Can be matched at will

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take advantage of the quiet times

take advantage of their parents' health

redecorate a nursing home for them

make the rest of their lives more comfortable after a lifetime of hard work





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